A few important events from the Romanian peasant uprising of 1907.

A few important events from the Romanian peasant uprising of 1907. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hannah D (au) wrote: Janice: Sometimes I just feel invisible. And I heard someone say something recently, that it just takes one person, you know. Just one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special. And I think that that's true. I know that that's true because... because I felt it. The other night, I was out with this guy that I work with and... I work at the zoo and... and anyway, it was only for one night, but it just... it felt different, you know.

Dave S (es) wrote: Difficult to evaluate - as personal filmmaking, it's fine, but it's hard to understand what Gondry thinks audiences outside his family are supposed to get from this.

Beth B (de) wrote: Really great...heady stuff. Amazing to see so many physicists all excited!

Geissel P (jp) wrote: Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's performances are amazing, and movie itself is sad and depressing but in an interesting way.

Loreno S (au) wrote: Always the book is better...

Greg W (gb) wrote: good bio-historical pic

Ben C (de) wrote: I guess Landis had to come up with something different on the account that Belushi passed away just two years after the first film, but even so, for a sequel to follow a climatic end to the first and somewhat pick up where it left off, this was clearly the weaker of the two films, despite boasting a lot more cast members than the first. Using the similar formula doesn't always work, but for a movie to do this again, albeit different places, I'd say they've done a reasonable job. I'm not even sure if the movie has an ending, because it has three musical numbers, and it closes where the police constantly chase two of the Blues Brothers for who knows how long. Even when it does have it's moments, it will disappoint fans of Landis and Aykroyd, despite desperately trying to make the sequel live up to the first.

Carolyn G (it) wrote: Not great but the whole Douglas thing is a good hook. Kinda ironic to note that Cameron Douglas is now in the pokey for drug dealing, tho...

I am A (mx) wrote: Really don't get the point of this sequel

Al M (de) wrote: From Troma Studios, Surf Nazis Must Die is an insane parody of the dystopian future film that features loads of brutality, a completely silly plot, and enough craziness to satisfy fans of B-movies that are capable of enduring Troma's unique blend of humor and violence.

Pete L (fr) wrote: The guys in this seem really gay. Flat out terrible. There is nothing good about this piece of shit. You can clearly tell the blood is ketchup. This is the worst acting I've ever seen and the second worst movie I've ever seen( the first being War of the Planets.)

Neaco G (fr) wrote: Not a bad movie at all :)

Eric B (ag) wrote: The swamp people are scarier than the bear that their moonshine-pickled brains think is a monster... a semi-interesting depiction of country folk in Arkansas in the 1970s... although not that different than they are today.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Surprisingly well crafted movie based on Stephen King's novel. A director matters when it comes to quality, even in trashy productions.

Willie J (us) wrote: It is quite a funny picture. It rides on the back of hilarious character actor Mantan Moreland, and offers plenty of one-liners to keep the fast pace going. It is an underrated and unknown gem.