Rash is a contemporary story of Melbourne Australia and the artists who make it a living host for illegal artwork called street art.

Rash is a contemporary story of Melbourne Australia and the artists who make it a living host for illegal artwork called street art. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe I (us) wrote: It's as painful and essential as a surgery you must have, which leads you to a new appreciation of life. A masterpiece of suffering with moments of beauty worthy of the lengthy climb to the precipice. Anyone who can appreciate this movie has compassion for the whole 'Rat race' to spare. Amazing

Ashley H (au) wrote: love this typical movie! i guess watching it with someone makes it that much funnier.

Aya H (br) wrote: It sounded so good... a lady trapped in a relationship in Afghanistan, no escape. But no, it really sucked. Dont even think about it. Waste of the 5$ I bought it for.

John M (ru) wrote: total milking of the original. not a good movie.

Alexander P (ag) wrote: pretty average action - plot is quite decent but could have been more - Morgan is OK and Slater is unbelievable as usual...

Mike H (de) wrote: There are some moments in here that are enjoyable or even clever, but overall Honeymoon in Vegas movie is a very standard 1990s Hollywood turd. The screenplay is pretty weak and lacks believability. The scenes in Kauai were actually shot in Kauai though! I recognized several shots beyond a doubt -- typically "Kauai" would be shot in California or maybe the big island.

Jesse O (us) wrote: This is like a TV comedy starring what, at the time, were big stars. I know this is a shot-for-shot remake of a Francis Veber's film, and they even hired the guy to do direct the remake. Lord knows why you'd bother with a shot-for-shot remake when you can just watch the original, or dub it and release it as is. It really seems like a waste of millions of dollars. I literally had no idea that this was French film until reading the description on here, so it's obvious that I literally have no idea if the original film is any good or not, though it almost has to have been better than this. Maybe not by much, but still somewhat better. But, to be honest, this film doesn't do much to really inspire you to seek out the original. Then again I suppose the Oldboy remake would fail to do the same exact thing and the original is my favorite movie of all time. So it's not fair, and I don't plan on doing it, to judge the original by its remake. While the film has its moments, mostly involving Martin Short being smacked around by almost everyone in sight. I don't know what that says about my feelings for Martin Short, even though I actually like the guy. His style is a little manic and energetic, to the point of wearing you down completely, but I've always found him to have a likable presence. The problem is that this is an incredibly uneven comedy. They don't naturally combine the dramatic aspects in with the comedy, as Little Miss Sunshine did. It goes between two phases, the first one being: 'now it's a comedy', the second one being: 'now it's a drama'. I wouldn't say it's jarring, but it's not handled particularly well. It changes between them willy-nilly with no natural progression. And that's a problem because it feels like it's two different films in one, tonally at least. It would be one thing if either the comedy, or the drama, were good...but they're not. Like I said, it has its moments but they're not nearly enough to salvage this film. Nick Nolte and Martin Short are fairly agreeable in their roles, but it's clear that this wasn't something that either guy was really invested in. It may have just been a paycheck movie for both of them. It's just weird seeing Nolte as the straightman in a light family comedy. When he does comedy, I put him more in that R-rated '48 Hours' range, not this. Kinda perplexing why he'd do this film to be honest, it can't have done his career, or Martin Short's, any favors. If you like lightweight TV films, then this will be up your alley. This isn't a terrible film, but it's incredibly bland and vanilla. For everyone else, I'm sure there's another film in Martin Short's filmography with the word Three in its title that is better than this one. I'd suggest watching that instead.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: An aspiring actress is killed by a director who films the act so he can use the footage to make his new film look authentic after his last one bombed and ran way over budget on f/x. Decent but Larry Cohen has done better.

Sgt C (de) wrote: (32%)What to say about this film without bad-mouthing one of the greatest film makers of all time? Let me be kind and say that is very much of it's time, though if one had any interest in the Cuban missile crisis before watching, their appetite will be greatly diminished after, not by what one learns but through witnessing one of the least exciting, plodding films old Hitch ever put to film. The script (biggest culprit for films problems) is bland beyond belief and is a total wonder why it ever got picked up (slim pickings?) with it's total lack of any real tension, uninspired dialogue, uninteresting characters or memorable scenes, couple that with some quite poor acting at times and some slightly sloppy editing. It's just so not what we love about the masters work and probably would now be almost forgotten if made by another, less well known and less respected director.

Nolan M (mx) wrote: A stupid-funny comedy.

Grey S (mx) wrote: no character development, strangely low amounts of screen-time for major characters and negative stereotypes EVERYWHERE. despite being a movie for gamers, the research seems to have just been a day of CoD; and hearing about Second life from a stereotypical CoD player. gamer fails to deliver pretty much everywhere, save your time and your money, keep away.

Brian A (fr) wrote: Another film with an all-star cast that obviously relied on its all-star cast. The title fits, this movie was "expendable."

vincent g (ag) wrote: Letting hemingway's novel apart... this movie is the greatest cinematic experience of the 40's,The film is powerful and entertaining,the performances are better...some people know that all the magnificent movies, like The shinning or Blade runner were not exactly shooting like its novels. The special effects are awesome, akim tamiroff is brilliant,gary cooper is superb and bergman is charming.

David L (es) wrote: The trailer alone is worth it. But I won't watch the whole movie.