In ancient Japan a crime take place as told from three different travelers who have experienced the crime: a man being killed and his wife being raped. Which if any of the stories is true? An Akira Kurosawa film about morals, truth, and communication.

A heinous crime and its aftermath are recalled from differing points of view. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: esto es como un intento de gente del mundo del porno por contar una historia, y realmente hubiera sido mas entretenido ver una pelcula porno que esta basura

Michel P (br) wrote: kedelig, laaaaaaaaaaangtrukken og karikeret.

Roger R (ag) wrote: Good fun raucous night out in NYC movie

Kyle N (br) wrote: Intriguing, but a little too obscure, even for me.

Scott C (au) wrote: Billy Wilder was a great director, but this was one of his weaker films in my opinion.

Doug C (ru) wrote: Orson Welles plays a great Clarence Darrow in this film adaptation of the 1924 trial of Leopold and Loeb for the thrill killing of Robert Franks. The film largely sensationalizes the murder and motives of Leopold and Loeb, however, and leaves the details of the crime strangely untold (the crime itself is not shown and the audience only learns of it as the investigation unfolds). Other than Welles's role as Clarence Darrow in one of Darrow's latest and most famous cases--including a particularly great version of Darrow's closing argument in the case--this film offers little but sensationalism to the Leopold and Loeb trial.

Wayne M (br) wrote: Good effects. Lots of potential but horrible results.