Into an era seething with war and revolution, a man comes with an incredible power to heal a nation...or destroy it. Based on the true story of one of the most powerful and mysterious figures in Russian history.

HBO biopic about the infamous "mad monk" Rasputin from the court of Tsar Nicholas in Russia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorian G (mx) wrote: Incredibly exciting, which is weird considering it's mostly just theoretical physicists talking about a single experiment. Eye opening and amazing, the discovery made and the future research that will result make this a great film for all humans, not just those with an interest in science. Watched on Netflix at home, June 10, 2015.

Thomas R (ca) wrote: I wanna hangout with her

Phil H (it) wrote: A vehicle for Luke Goss as obviously people like him as a vampire and admittedly he is good as a blood sucker. This film is clearly a low budget cheap as chips affair with not too much on offer in the effects arena accept for allot of gun porn hehe the acting is pretty bad from the unknown cast as they do their best 'Blade II Blood Pack' 'Aliens Colonial Marines' impression (badly) and don't really bring across the danger they are clearly in.Totally unoriginal plot as vamps fight against vamp zombies and are taken down one by one by the surging horde of flesh eaters, its also been made in a way that we've all seen before really, again think 'Aliens' or any other unit of men in a last stand situation.Basic makeup and very basic looking stunts, explosions and action, filmed mainly with hand held cams it seems which makes it more realistic but also enchances the cheapness haha and a rather blunt quick ending. Vernon Wells cameo at the very end is kinda cool but done obviously to gain that cool kudos.

Mark S (nl) wrote: I've not read the book so I can't make any comparisons with that, but I found this film interesting yet flawed. The opening is very striking and really grabs your attention (as I've heard the book's beginning does) but after that, and especially for such a short film, this really does seem to meander on too long in getting to its point. I didn't quite believe Daniel Craig in the central role, he is too strong a character and I think this needed someone with more visible vulnerability. I think the casting of Rhys Ifans didn't help either, I've never been a fan of his work and don't rate him, he always seems to have a smug grin on his face which can be quite distracting if a scene doesn't warrant it. I think the film could actually have worked a lot better if Craig had been cast in the Ifans role. Towards the end the score also started to irritate me, it's way too OTT and overpowering in attempting to tell the audience what is already pretty clear.

Alberto R (nl) wrote: A movie where every character is damaged. The movie has it's moments yet it lacks that explosive culmination you are left waiting for.

Laura D (ru) wrote: Well, Renee tears a live chickens head off. That is the only thing that was even remotely memorable about this film.

Cheryl L (fr) wrote: A bit slow throughout and predictable. Disappointing, wouldn't bother with again.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Hanada (Jo Shishido, whose strangely bulging cheeks anticipate Marlon Brando in "The Godfather") is the third best hitman in Japan, but botches an assignment and becomes a marked man himself. A simple plot is needlessly confusing at first, as shadowy, black-and-white imagery rattles around too many poorly differentiated characters. But once the scenario narrows to a showdown between Hanada and his stalker, the tension becomes much more intense. Director Seijun Suzuki's bold editing and relentless tight shots are a bit tiring, but brilliant lighting, an evocative score and well-chosen locations save the day. For extra fun, add Hanada's bizarre fetish for smelling cooked rice.

Luke E (de) wrote: So, there's this piglet in the movie, right? And, it gets drunk. It gets really drunk. And also, something happened between a husband and wife, like they fell in love all over again or something. But the pig stole the show. That was some pig.