They are in love - have grown up together. Circumstances lead her to get married to a older man with a small child who does not accept her physically after having seen her face for the first time - he feels guilty that she has been cheated upon and her youth has been snatched away. One day she returns home to meet her childhood friend.

Govind (Karan Dewan) and Gauri (Swaran Lata) are childhood friends and are in love. But both are from different caste and hence their marriage is not possible in those social times. ONe day... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas M (br) wrote: This movie touches on three very sensitive topics. the church, 9/11, and the beginning of the banks. It begins with what many people have a hard time with, denying Christianity. it speaks about how it bases itself off of other past gods, but it does so in an unbiased way. Then it moves to the topic of 9/11. This, unlike other movies, does not alienate Muslims. It alienates the government instead. It talks about how the government did this to give them an excuse to begin a war. Then it moved on to the way banks began and how the rich people, like Rockefeller deceived the people to get rich. This movie is very special because it is unlike any other Hollywood film, it goes against the government. It is important to watch this movie because it changes your perspective on different topics. There are conspiracies however, so they may or may not be true.

Jay D (ca) wrote: I am open and adventurous concerning film. This was too thin and tried too hard to be art.

Graham B (gb) wrote: meh. Perfectly watchable, but unimpressive. Too many unintresting storylines featuring one-dimesional characters. The director's earlier work, The Opposite of Sex, is a much more well rounded piece. This is a big step back.

Katha R (nl) wrote: Very dull, very predictable chick flick. Hard to believe that Colin Firth (as well as the female actors) put his name to something as lame as this film. He must have been very desperate at the time. Two stars only because there are some bits in the script that are genuinely funny ("he has a face like roadkill and you want to paint him??" - and indeed, he did!).

Dan G (gb) wrote: "A 28-year-old man, who still lives at home, is asked by his parents to please mo...(read more...)ve out." I liked this movie when it was called Failure to Launch. God, is this going to be me? Oh wait, i'm not tan.

Sarah D (es) wrote: Just the movie to watch today. I love Doris Day and James Garner together.

Kate M (au) wrote: I was slightly perturbed about this one, the premise focusing on a convent where "all the nuns are possessed by demons" not particularly being a topic I enjoy watching (I'm still nursing fresh wounds from Paranormal Activity and deep psychological damage sustained by watching The Exorcist much too early in my youth!). So I approached this one with some trepidation, and ready to make an excuse and leave if it all got a bit head spinny. I do love horror, but there's something about supernatural horror that really freaks me out, and I can find it truly upsetting at times. I think it's the uncontrollable element to it - the fact that you can't understand or control the 'it' and everybody is susceptible.But ah, what I forget is how un-scary old black and white films are, no matter how hard they try to be inventive and creepy with their limited resources. So I quickly dispelled any notion I was going to be scared out of my wits and was intrigued instead by how the plot itself was delivered.It was certainly curious. A priest enters the convent after being briefed on the on-going troublesome situation with the nuns by the locals at a nearby inn. His approach up the hill to the convent and the first sighting of the nuns is heavily veiled with tension (no music in horror films is SCARY!) and the camera angles are deliberately surreptitious to maximise suspense and uneasiness. The first encounter between Father Josef and Sister Joan/Mother Superior is a fine bit of acting and cinema as you wait for the demon to manifest itself within her body/behaviour. She changes, suddenly, by flicking her head back to the camera with a malevolent glint in her eye, and watching her creep along the wall of the enclosure back to the priest in her 'possessed' state is such a startling transformation and makes a really effective and memorable scene.There are some other great scenes as well: nuns scattering musical style as priests fling holy water over them during an exorcism, and particularly standing out, a murder scene where we see the reaction of the horses rather than the victims. Very original!I did find myself wondering after a while whether the nuns were actually being possessed by demons, or whether the isolation and disciplined diet and lifestyle had sent them all a bit cuckoo, cuckoo. I may have been convinced if the ending hadn't totally refuted by suspicions! In order to free Mother Joan, the priest takes the demons on himself and goes to monstrous ends to be 'forever by haunted by the demons'. There's a line at the beginning of the film where the priest is told by a local fortune teller that he "will love a crooked one" that now holds acute relevance. Can't get much more crooked than Satan!To set a precedent for such films as The Exorcist I thought this was an interesting and atmospheric film with some great performances. Even if it was a bit lalalalaa.

Timothy J (ca) wrote: Brings back memories of when I was a kid and there was this pizza place that showed old black and white movies. I saw a lot of Laurel and Hardy.

James M (ru) wrote: All style over content with a very miscast Charlize Theron & her stunt double trying to ape an all-female version of The Matrix. Pete Posthelthwaite turns up looking like a condom and that's about it.May work well as a video game, but as a movie it fluxing sucked!

Spencer S (nl) wrote: Yet another dramatic film that only exists as a video aid for high school teachers, "Agora" tries to bring tension to the story of Hypatia, while educating the audience on the discovery of the rotation of the earth around the sun in an elliptical motion, which disputed Ptolemy's model. While that discovery is interesting, and it's framed against the Christians taking over the historically pagan city of Alexandria (including the Library of Alexandria), it doesn't make for much of a watch. There's also a power dynamic between the major religions, and a weird love triangle between Hypatia, a slave named Davus, and her former student, turned prefect, Orestes. Even with all that buildup, this film is extremely boring. Oh my goodness, it bores the entire way through. It works well as a history of science film, because it doesn't overtly drag and it explains its points well, but for entertainment, go elsewhere.

Rob F (ca) wrote: Amazing special effects. Haven't seen better dinosaur film since

Dilek A (fr) wrote: It was just such a emotional and objective movie. Russel Crowe did an excellent job of showing different ideas and perspectives of the same war.

April N (jp) wrote: Nazi agents hone in on professor Dominic Matei (Roth) after he presumably discovers a formula for immortality. New from Francis Ford Coppola.

Daisuke A (kr) wrote: A vivid reminder of the kind of shit soldiers might face during a tour in the Middle East. The film is not so much action-contained but is more of a psycho-cliffhanger, with the soldiers facing an invisible enemy.