Rated R

Rated R

A witty look at three actresses working in soft porn cinema in a country waking up after 40 years of repression. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie N (ca) wrote: Very good, disturbing film.

Dave M (us) wrote: The best gay German zombie movie I've seen this year. Seriously weird, more than a bit scattershot, and I'm not sure what to think about it at all.

Peter B (ag) wrote: I spy about my little eye - sumthin beginin wiiiiiiith......"Shi".

Alexander C (gb) wrote: DAMN! This is a funny if not silly film, Martin Lawrence. Nice one man respect. This is a comedy cruncher indeed.

KJ P (kr) wrote: "Mac and Me," although it is pretty much an exact rip-off of E.T, is now one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time. It is so terribly scripted and acted that you almost feel like you are constantly being slapped in the face, but due to that reason, this film will make you laugh so damn much. It truly is a 99 cent version of E.T.. I can see myself watching this over and over again. As an alien race accidentally lands on earth, a boy finds one of them, befriends him, and helps him find his lost family. The product placement is absurd, the dark tonal shift is off-putting, and the overall execution is so sloppy. Sure it does everything well with it's budget but that is about it. I really enjoyed how bad this movie was, so I will not say it is terrible, solely for that reason, but it is pretty lame. "Mac and Me" is so ridiculous.

Silkcmbhotmailcom S (kr) wrote: another classic i love dancing breakin is my life this style open the dors when i was a kid much love (silk9.

Darren H (nl) wrote: More a variety show than a film, more quantity than quality, more good than great. Who cares? It's got Garland and Astaire in their primes.

Paul D (au) wrote: Lavish and colourful western, making good use of the scenery for the Technicolor advances, although many of the characters are bland.

Byron H (nl) wrote: It wasn't THAT bad ...

Jim T (kr) wrote: The one with new head master. You spend more of the film hating Umbridge than you do paying attention to much else. Harry teaches stuff.