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Rated X

Based on the true story of Jim and Artie Mitchell, two brothers who entered the porn industry in the early 60's. After creating such legendary porn films as "Behind the Green Door" and "Inside Marily Chambers", they later became addicted to drugs and began a downward spiral leading to bankruptcy and murder.

Biopic of notorious Mitchell Brothers who opened up a successful San Francisco strip club and thriving porn business that lead to a downward spiral of power and greed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (fr) wrote: Drawn out and often pointless entry spends most of its time in dreamland for Kirsty's husband after a car crash. Salvaged somewhat by a decent ending and it is nice to have Kirsty back. This franchise, however, has never delivered on its potential.

Jose Miguel G (it) wrote: With strong inspiration in Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Lion King benefits from a strong voice casting, beautiful animation and strong emotional moments, crowning it as one of Disney's best, and an instant classic.

Jorge M (br) wrote: Sexilia es el nombre de ella. Que mas puedo aadir?

Robin D (ru) wrote: This movie is also about girls in a competition to lose their viginity and finding the right guy to lose it to. This movie has Tatum O'Neil too but the credits don't show her name along with some other big stars.

Alan Z (ag) wrote: Obviously dedicated to the traditions of the American Army, and beautifully shot in Technicolor. The second of the "Cavalry films" is too patriotic and American for my taste that makes me cherish only the fact that the Master Ford crafted it so effectively.

Jeff Z (au) wrote: Obvious inspiration for "Dragnet" from the opening narration and shots of the city to the depiction of police procedure. It even includes Jack Webb. Nice location shots of circa 1948 LA including some great storm drain footage.The cops are all pretty forgettable but Basehart is good as a cold, calculated villian, though we never really find out WHY he turned to a life of crime.

angel m (jp) wrote: Awsome Western Love Story If You Have Not Seen This You Have Missed Out !

Ryan H (br) wrote: old school...martial arts , super hero. Great classic.

Nathanial R (mx) wrote: F-(Terrible Movie)