Raymond - sju resor värre

Raymond - sju resor värre


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Raymond - sju resor värre torrent reviews

Luis O (gb) wrote: not bad not bad not great

Professor W (fr) wrote: I went into this movie not expecting much but I came out very satisfied. It's not really a stoner movie like Dazed & Confused or Harold & Kumar but I think stoners will definitively love it. It's about this kid with parents who are very anti-establishment and leftist. They're family business is selling pot. The film follows their son, who was home-schooled all his life, trying to find his way in public high school to chase a girl he loves. Also, the ending is quite interesting. I would have been happy with the film half way through but the last 25 minutes made it even better. Very good for a low-budget film. Fap Rating: 3.5/10 Overall: 8.8/10

Thammarat P (us) wrote: i knew before i watched it how boring it is :D

Nathan W (us) wrote: Kung fu science fiction at its best. You will see a man catch a bullet!

Fredrik S (de) wrote: Had some fond memories of this film, but sadly that was proven to be erroneous. This is based on an idea with some potential, which was sadly squandered on a predictable, and rather sexist boy's adventure with too much mindless action, plot holes big enough to through your deerstalker right though and not enough believable character development to make me care. I'm not gonna see this again.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good WWII thriller based on actual events.

Leonard D (br) wrote: Denzel Washington is a great actor, and is top notch at everything he plays in, but for this film, it's not his best. This could have been something special, but when the pop culture quality kicks in, I started to care less and less! What a waste of potential!

Leon B (fr) wrote: Law Abiding Citizen is a movie that can't do enough justice. It's the kind of movie that were the criminals know they did wrong, and have no remorse. They enjoy what they do, and get away with it.

Bruce G (br) wrote: Hated it. Least funny "comedy" I can recall EVER!!! Could not wait for it to end.