When the Spanish Republic is declared in 1931, three brothers go separate ways. One, a priest, is killed by leftists. One, a member of the government, betrays his family's traditional ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raza torrent reviews

Demetri C (es) wrote: I was so entranced by every aspect of this movie I can't think of any part that didn't make it just that much better

Clare W (us) wrote: Very good - kept you on the edge of yur seat with a slight twist at the end!! English!

David B (kr) wrote: The old man talked kind of how I think Sam Baden will talk when he's that age. Only Sam says he doesn't read or write. :(

Ryan M (us) wrote: Akin to the psycho crazy films of the early 80's.

Ida B (kr) wrote: " -what is this movie about? - it's an 101 guide on how not to behave in a boat"

Jessica H (ag) wrote: lack of chemistry, entertainment, and plenty of predictability.

Steve G (nl) wrote: Why do the klansmen make the most sense?Well written. Clooney's best movie.

Debbie H (it) wrote: well don't loss your head of this but it is funny it all in the name

Manon M (kr) wrote: Even worse than the original.

Bheema D (us) wrote: You like Footloose? You like Dirty Dancing? You got this movie to thank. And it's significantly deeper.

Patrick W (ca) wrote: Definitely the worst zombie movie in history, and a candidate for worst movie I've ever seen.

Meghan M (it) wrote: not as good as I wanted it to be