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shashank b (kr) wrote: Some stories were good! Plus it was a new concept in India.

Robert I (de) wrote: By far my favorite Kiki film. The best film about high school theater made yet!

Tristan M (it) wrote: These people are fools. This is easily the best Vonnegut adaptation. Unfortunately no one saw it when it was released. This fully captures the spirit of Vonnegut's bizarre narrative (which is no easy feat). Read the books, but if you're looking for a Vonnegut movie, this is the one.

Thomas K (nl) wrote: Sure, it's really not very well made but it's still one of the best underground films of it's day.

Mel (ru) wrote: i bet it'd be much funnier if we were still in the sixties, when virginity was... well, overestimated.

Andr D (kr) wrote: Magnifico western con un John Wayne estoico, duro y lider de un grupo de defensores de la ley conformados por un borracho (Dean Martin en todo su etilico esplendor), un cojo (Walter Brennan encarnando al viejo terco y cascarrabias) y un joven petulante (Ricky Nelson, el bello cantante magnetico en cada escena), acompanados por una mujer en apariencia dura (nadie mejor que Angie Dickinson). Este es una pelicula del salvaje oeste en todo el sentido de la palabra: imperdible.

Michael H (de) wrote: Electricity turns Lon Chaney Jr. into a mute, undead hulk who likes staring into film cameras. In other words, typical Chaney performance.

David J (us) wrote: Guillermo del Toro makes some slight improvements over the original and Snipes gives a far better performance as the titular vampire-hunter than he did the first time around, but, unlike a vamp, "Blade II" won't convert those that didn't enjoy the campy dialogue, shallow characters, weakly-plotted story, and mediocre fight sequences of the original.

Panos Y (ru) wrote: Just a nice try from people that really love the genre. Amateurish most of the time.

eric e (kr) wrote: Steve McQueen did two of the best escape movies ever made. This is one of them.

Jesse F (gb) wrote: Gyllenhaal and Fincher do an amazing job with the fascinating true unsolved story of the "Zodiac killer".

Matt M (gb) wrote: Action film about people trapped under a tunnel collapsing beneath the icy waters of a river. Luckily, Stallone is among them. Though it's a slow starter and an obvious action star vehicle, there is some suspense here and there to keep an audience somewhat interested in the film's developments.

Rob R (au) wrote: OK film, but I'm rating it on nostalgia and awesome old school skateboarding footage.