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Veena T (ru) wrote: BOL is a brilliantly written and directed film!Shoaib Mansoor is undoubtedly talented in bringing such real issues to life, for all of us to be aware. From the religious differences between the Sunni and Shia Muslims, to Women's Rights and Oppression, to Child Exploitation. The cast of this film was excellent! Humaima Malik was perfect to the pindrop in her role. Manzar Sehbai was amazing! Iman Ali, Zaib Rehman, Amr Kashmiri, Atif Aslam, and Mahira Khan were a brilliant supporting cast. This film is a must see!! It helps us open our eyes to a world, we usually turn our eyes away from!

Gerald O (es) wrote: A Very Well-done Bittersweet War Flick from Korea. Based on the true events and don't forget to hide your tears.

Gary D (fr) wrote: Over-the-top European violent chase comedy, if a triple amputee having a fight with a lethal Mary Poppins-like assassin is your idea of fun this is your movie. Bring the popcorn. A senator accidentally kills a prostitute in Eastern Europe and a hooker who is a mother with a heart of gold escapes the slaughter of witnesses and steals the car and cell phone of two Americans. The two decide to start a detective agency. First case - tracking her down before the assassins.

Lukas S (kr) wrote: It took me 3 evenings and a great deal of patience to get through it. Dull, unnecessarily chaotic, repetitive and plain bloody boring. I should've watched another pointless remake instead.

Ruthie J (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all times.

Melvin W (au) wrote: Innocent Blood is a movie I just can't stand. I know it's not trying to be great, but it's so bad I had trouble making it through the whole thing. John Landis has made good movies that I've really liked, so it's weird I hate this so much. The whole vampires-mob plot was just a little too much.

Mark J (es) wrote: it has an atmosphere that makes it worth watching. It has its faults but I liked it. Worth a watch if 80s horror schlock tickles your fancy. And the obligatory 'jiggling breasts' shot is hilarious.

Charles S (ca) wrote: for 1959, a surprisingly integrated cast gives a brutal performance....

Stewart M (it) wrote: good film, tells the story quite well - i named two servers 'ajax' and 'achilles' on the strength of it.

Derek R (mx) wrote: Buddy Cop 1.0. Eddie Murphy makes history!

Christina S (de) wrote: This movie is about as terrible as it gets. A ridiculous plot with terrible characters who are vile. And at the end, blame it on the boyfriend. Boo. I would have expected more from Ann Hathaway.

Terry J (gb) wrote: classic mystery...full of intelligent and complex twists

Anthony A (de) wrote: Just as good as 'Dirty Harry'

Brandon M (jp) wrote: Such a boring movie...one of Mark Wahlbergs worst.

Jim F (mx) wrote: in a twist for TNG [and perhaps a foreshadowing of Star Trek (2009)] the Romulans are the enemy they 've developed a clone of Picard and a secret Duplicate Data android in attempts of assisting Remus (some bastard colony of Romulus that doesn't spin on it's axis) while not as exciting or memorable as it's predecessors, and many have said that this film was what lead to the end of the entire TNG time line, I felt I liked it very much. It was also my first experience with popcorn nite, which attempts to combine the practically instant streaming of Netflix with the free decentralized nature of BitTorrent and it worked quite well, unlike the next two films I tried, so it's a foods place to Try our that new service.