Ting-yin, a young novelist, is struggling to come up with a followup to her best-selling trilogy of romance novels. After drafting her first chapter, she stops and deletes the file from her computer. She then starts seeing strange, unexplainable things and finds that she is experiencing the supernatural events that she described in her novel-to-be.

After writing three best-sellers about love story based on her own experiences, the successful writer Tsui Ting-Yin is without inspiration and having difficulties to write her new novel in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe M (mx) wrote: The story had [hopeful] promising potential, but the film was butchered by abused cliches more suitable for its book, perhaps, than a film setting. That, along with a lack of consistent and/or correct representation of the time period in which the film was based, made the film hardly believable in any way. Not even an seemingly wise selection of talented actors could "break the ice" in this overly obvious illusion of a murder mystery.

Candy R (it) wrote: Great cast. A crime scene cleaner gets intertwined in a cover up.

Richard G (br) wrote: After watching the trailers for the other 7 movies released in the Ghost House Underground series, I honestly think I picked the absolute turkey of the bunch. I know trailers don't show the whole picture and they're designed to look good and lure you in, but on the production values alone, they all look like masterpieces compared to any one second of Brotherhood of Blood. Even with my low expectations, given that it's a straight to DVD vampire flick, that level wasn't even on the horizon. It's one of those shaky single camera deals with a budget that could blow away on a windy day... very low production values (got that 'home-made' feel). Anyway, you know what, if it had a decent plot with some decent acting, could it be saved? No. The acting is shat across the board, including Sid Haig, save for the leading female who get's a pass but I suppose she's doing the best she can with the script. It doesn't do anyone any favours. You can almost smell the honey glaze, it's so hammy at times, with lines like "remember, never trust a vampire" (despite the group already being established as an experienced bunch of vampire hunters - why would someone feel the need to say that?). Also, the stock dramatic music never, never, ever lets up. So many times, what ever tension or drama that could have been salvaged, was lost do to this keyboard demo score. Oh well, music or no music, it's still steaming.Just watched the trailer for this. I wish I'd seen it before renting this arse, you can tell it's a POS just from the 1 minute of fast edits.[Halloween08]

Clay B (gb) wrote: STARK RAVING MAD (2002)

Jess W (fr) wrote: Bittersweet - good chemistry - a little depressing, but I love this movie anyway.

David G (kr) wrote: Spiritual sequel to A Fish Called Wanda that reunites a lot of the cast and crew, including John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin and Kevin Kline. It's a funny film, more so than you'd expect given its iffy reputation, but it falls well short in its attempt to recapture the magic of a genuine comedy great. Cleese and co are game (with Kline once again stealing the show) but the story and characters are nowhere near as memorable and the Python-esque sense of humour (I believe the film is based on an old Michael Palin Python skit) makes it feel at times less like a film and more like a sketch show.

Rachel N (mx) wrote: Brilliant performance from Tim Roth here.

Greg W (mx) wrote: probably my LEAST favourite MGM musical directed by minnelli

Tammy L (nl) wrote: This is a pretty good remake .Better than most remakes .I did like it a lot.

li b (us) wrote: Unwatchable.I couldn't believe this movie was made as recently as 2008 (though I realize it could have been made earlier and had a delayed release). From what little I could sit through, the acting style was wooden and dated (and I'm not just referring to the Eddie Murphy spaceship). The writing/ direction was a joke...but not a funny one.Seeing Eddie in something this bad just makes me depressed, but it was also clear that talent such as Elizabeth Banks was utterly wasted here.

Tony M (es) wrote: How Green Was My Valley is a perfect example of how we fail as humans. There is no reason whatsoever that this movie won #bestpicture over #CitizenKane. Conspiracy theories aside, this film has great cinematography but will be forever stuck in the 1940s where it belongs. Watch #CitizenKane again instead of this. That film is timeless 3/5

Jesse F (nl) wrote: There is some fun to be had with gory deaths and an awesome finale but as the movie goes on it starts to drag in places.

MsA F (es) wrote: Brilliant - classic Carlyle