Reach for Me

Reach for Me

Dying is hell - and Alvin's going to make sure everyone knows it. Academy Award nominees Seymour Cassell & Alfre Woodard star. AARP Movies for Grownups Award-winner.

Dying is hell - and Alvin's going to make sure everyone knows it. Academy Award nominees Seymour Cassell & Alfre Woodard star. AARP Movies for Grownups Award-winner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keiko A (kr) wrote: Well I am not just going to be reviewing films from were I live I am also going to review famous movies that are very well known to kids my age and as well as adults. But the occasional new movie at the cinemas. Man from deep river also known as here (Deep river savages) has to be the most power social commentary on society I have seen. Deep river savages is the widest known Grindhouse film out there were I live. John Barly is a photographer in Bangkok taking pictures of the local wrestling games but he grows increasingly bored and wants to get out there into the wild life and take those kinds of photos. But after a massive fight with a gang he kills one of them and decides to hid-out in the rain forest for a little while. Paying off a man in a boat to take him out there he begins to enjoy the scenery. The deeper they go the more the boat driver begins to worry about the location they are in. Not long after there boat is attack by a native tribe killing the boat driver and capturing John. John in the movie who is played by Ivan Rassimov goes throw months of pain and suffering until he proves himself during a fight to the death with another native. He is also liked by the chief?s daughter Maray. He might have been accepted but John sees how cruel his tribe is to others outsiders. Two natives from another tribe is captured and have there tongs and fingers cut off in a very disgusting manor. I also have no doubt in my mind that the movie Dance with wolves was based on this movie along with Avatar. There are Meany aspects witch I have seen between the two movies. Such as *A man from a western world comes to a place were they likely have not seen a white man. *The chief?s daughter teaches him how to hunt. *The white man proves him self very worthy among the tribe. *The daughter the chief falls in love with the man. *An ending that has an Epic battle among the tribes or civilized society. *The man returns to the place were he first began but later goes back to his tribe. I felt the storey was brilliant just watch the movie and you can see it as how I saw it. But remember this is just my opinion. Some main things I didn?t like was the story was a bit slow at the start but gets better. And some of the love scenes got really close to an adult or pornographic rating. Italian Director Umberto Lenzi tries to bring the movie to Mainly throw the settings and scenery as well as violence. But I have to say Costumes and sets as well as other things are very well done. Well I have to put everything in this movie is done very well. The special effects and the surpassingly extreme acts or cruelty and violence are very sick but very well done. The acting and Characters I have to put as flawless but I felt there was very little character built up as what we saw in Avatar. The reason I am not going this a 100% is because of animal cutely I saw in some scenes that is the reason I did not give it my highest rating. But really I can heavily recommend this movie a lot. If you liked Avatar or Dance with wolfs you should see this. Keiko?s score 91-100

Linda P (mx) wrote: Beautifully written and well acted story. Loved the dialog and seeing the relationships develop and grow. Heartwarming.

Filippo V (fr) wrote: Ho apprezzato molto la trilogia dei Pirati dei Caraibi e questo quarto capitolo ha tutta l'aria di essere qualcosa di non necessario che nessuno ha mai chiesto. Tutta la magia e il divertimento dei film precedenti sembra essere sparita per dare spazio ad un avventura insipida, caotica e prevedibile.

Brian W (it) wrote: For some reason I watched this till the end.....

Brandon L (it) wrote: the dialogue was either hit or miss, but for anyone familiar with the genre, this movie is funny, short, and entertaining. Turkie is one of the best puppets to appear on-screen, and this indie horror-comedy will satisfy the appropriate viewer

Mark D (us) wrote: Pretty cool watch, little funny but i just liked the concept

Jason J (ca) wrote: This is a slow but engaging movie about loss, guilt, and urban life in Scotland. I found it intriguing to watch the lives of lower class people in Scotland and its unglamorised portrayal of daily existence in high rise apartment blocks. Messy flats, shitty greasy spoon diners, laundromats, housing blocks with no frills, no trees, just like the real thing. The characters in the movie were interesting, particularly the two leads as their relationship becomes much more complicated - the script withholds information, making us work out why Jackie is obsessed with Clyde, but the movie's great strength is in making Clyde complex - we are constantly re-evaluating him as does Jackie during her confused journey to some form of redemption. Andrea Arnold has come a long way from her children's TV presenting days and has shown to be a fantastic director with this movie and the wonderful Fish Tank. Overall 'Red Road' is a great little homemade thriller that creeps you out and keeps you guessing right until the end.

Tracy F (jp) wrote: Obviously "inspired" (hate to use that word) by Cobain's death although it is fictional, this is a truly gripping tale. Was left in tears.

Richard L (ru) wrote: The best motorcycle racing documentary.

Amanda H (jp) wrote: Okay, I can't say I was disappointed. The fact that this movie stars Coolio, Casper Van Dien and Erika Eleniak was more than enough for me to know what I was getting into. But dear God, this isn't even bad in a hilarious way... it's just absolutely terrible. I shut it off after 20 minutes.

Blair K (it) wrote: havent seen this movie in forever. like the chemistry between george burns and the actor playing his grandson. is quite funny and one of my guilty pleasure movies haha

Paul W (gb) wrote: Sans Soleil seems at first to be an unusually thoughtful travel documentary, but it is the most unearthly documentary I have ever seen, in that the people and places pictured do not seem to be of this world. It is almost science fiction, in that you feel you are observing another world, now long dead. This movie is not family entertainment in any sense of the word. It's a think piece, and you have to be in the right mood to watch it. If you are, as I was, you'll find it stunning and unforgettable.

Josh H (de) wrote: Movies like this (ones with a completely absurd premise) you're supposed to just enjoy for the laughs, and while it has a few of them, the story is just so silly that it's hard to take it seriously.

Ally C (nl) wrote: The films of John Cassavetes belong to a strand of cinema so removed from the mainstream, they sometimes seem hardly like films at all. That's not to say they aren't cinematic or have great editing or dramatic sequences moreover they can shun so many of the conventions of mainstream Hollywood cinema, it feels like we are watching another medium entirely. Love streams was Cassavetes' last great film and his last great performance with Gena Rowlands by his side like so many of the great Cassavetes features. It is obvious the cast (including Seymour Cassel and Diahnne Abbott) are so familiar with one another and the closeness of the performances give the film its main strength. Like Welles, Cassavetes is his own equal in front of the camera as behind it and his Robert Harmon betrays his alcoholism, his lack of responsibilty, his nihilism through the love of his sister Gena Rowlands. Again, Rowlands plays a woman who is on the edge of madness and depression but in Love Streams, Cassavetes explore her neuroses through expressionistic touches like her imagining an opera scene to win back her husband Seymour Cassel. The film is about secrets which can be kept and uncovered and the inability of humans to cope with absolutely everything thrown at them. Their is a dignity in defeat and depression although perhaps not obvious at the time. Love Streams is one of Cassavetes' best and was a great reminder to the cinematic community that he could still produce pictures of the finest quality.

Jen R (mx) wrote: What happened to Alexis Bledel? Very one sided and should've been a romcom not a dull drama