Real desejo

Real desejo

In São Paulo, the relationship of the successful television actress Gilda de Oliveira with the actor Paulo Cavalcante is in crisis. Gilda is rejected by Paulo and now she is lost, feeling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (ag) wrote: this movie is as bad as Obama and both should be voted out.

Bret L (ca) wrote: A great action film. Good story improved by Bruce Willis's performance.

E A (mx) wrote: Holy crap! The first thing that pops into my head when I think of how truly divine this film was. Probably one of the top performances given my Joseph Gordon Levitt. This film captures you entirely and leaves you with a feeling that is quite indescribable. This movie portrays the harsh and cruel reality that most people aren't accustomed to. It really crawls under your skin and brings up the most uncomfortable subjects. Amazing film from Araki in a while. Highly recommend, this film will change the way you see a young man on a street one day.

Sanity Assassin (ru) wrote: pretty run of the mill tv movie where maggie smith rules the roost with her acting skills

Saman G (gb) wrote: A truly great documentary that one HAS to see. It documents the life of three young men who had to leave their country and find a new home, the journey from Sudan to the US, from living with nothing to learning what a shower is or a fridge, from being part of a huge family to the loneliness abroad, from excitement about a new world to the heartache of leaving the loved ones behind and keep on living while others die. It is not only another harsh wake up call when it comes to Sudans problems but we should take a bow to people who made something out of nothing and at the same time never ever forgot where they come from and always supported their homeland - not with guns or military like in the western countries, but with a will that was born through simple genuine love. Impressive.

Anthony L (fr) wrote: Basquiat the movie has such a great cast telling the story of my favourite artist of all time. The best thing is that a lot of the actors knew Basquiat, Warhol and the other characters in real life, so you know you?re getting an authentic portrayal of real events! Brilliant!

chandni s (us) wrote: Deserves around 3.8 or so but ratings is not that sophisticated...anyway it's a very cute well acted movie and enjoyed every minute of it.

James M (es) wrote: All the female contingent in this film are impressive, but Richard Gere bugs the hell out of me. A shame, since it's quite a good film.

Marco T (us) wrote: A very bright comedy in the first half with good satirical jabs and some very well done gags, including Carl Reiner's cameos. But it becomes pretty tiresome in the 2nd half as the wit and humour is replaced by overdone setpieces and the ending glorifying the woman as homemaker is pretty hard to take.Still, worth a look overall.

James H (gb) wrote: Excellent modern western, solid performance from Kirk Douglas, as usual. Good story and supporting cast, fine score. Great pacing. One of the better westerns from the 1960's.