Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt

When up-and-coming District Attorney Mitch Brockden commits a fatal hit-and-run, he feels compelled to throw the case against the accused criminal who was found with the body and blamed for the crime. Following the trial, Mitch's worst fears come true when he realizes that he acquitted a guilty man, and he soon finds himself on the hunt for the killer before more victims pile up.

Prosecutor Mitch Brockden become entangled in a traffic accident in which he accidentally stabs victim and fled from the scene. This relates to another case so Mitch decides to open an investigation against the suspect is allegedly responsible for the crime, and he is unable to reveal himself. But during the investigation, Mitch discovers the person is the real culprit he is seeking and he has to stop him before the killer continues his actions. Shockingly, his goal this time is none other than Mitch and his family... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike P (ca) wrote: Where to begin... This reminded me of an 80's straight to video atrocity.The script is so asinine as to be meaningless. The is zero character development. You don't know or care about any of the them. The 'monster' was similar and much more believable in Ghostbusters. The continuity issues are numerous, but did provide glorious distraction from the otherwise awfulness that lies ahead of the next hapless victim who pays $13 for an on demand sack of crap. Thanks Verizon....

PierreLuc G (ru) wrote: Malheureusement rien voir avec le premier opus. Ti West n'arrive pas maintenir l'ambiance glauque qui rgnait tout au long du film original. Le manque flagrant de budget pour le tournage influence normment sur la qualit de celui-ci. Il en va de mme pour le choix des acteurs. Comment peut-on prendre au srieux des acteurs de plus de 20 ans qui incarnent le rle d'ados en plein bal de graduation? Une mention spciale pour la merveilleuse descente du coude digne de la WWE effectue sur un policier dans le but de l'assommer discrtement.

Ajay K (de) wrote: i love it......................siddhu u done a very good job.............

Heather M (de) wrote: I shall skip this one.

Pinar A (it) wrote: disappointing:( although there are very few stylistic approaches, the story is quite boring and full of cliches!

David F (jp) wrote: This movie captures the culture of finance and filters it through the perspective of its auteur, Oliver Stone. It amounts to an acerbic commentary on the message contained in the famous axiom of Gordon Gekko which he expresses at the shareholders' meeting of Teldar Paper: Greed is good. The film compares a few alternatives to that such as loyalty, hard work, and family. The fact that they're not quite as sexy as greed simply acknowledges an inescapable truth.

Paul D (de) wrote: Simmering comedy, but the heist caper behind it is worthwhile.

Vinicius B (kr) wrote: "L'enfant Sauvage" ou simplesmente "O Garoto Selvagem" um dos grandes clssicos do cinema francs de todos os tempos. Aborda a histria de um mdico francs que acaba descobrindo que um garoto com jeito selvagem encontrado em uma floresta prxima aonde ele vive. A partir da, o doutor desafiar a si mesmo transformar o menino selvagem em uma pessoa comum, alfabetizada e com a capacidade de viver em sociedade. Este filme incrivelmente fascinante: a forma como a evoluo do garoto retratada, desde selvagem at uma pessoa com a capacidade de raciocinar, absolutamente fantstica. A narrativa no peca em nada, fazendo os cinfilos apaixonados pelo cinema de arte delirarem com este filme. Imperdvel!

Darren R (de) wrote: It's a pretty epic mission and well told despite a few dated aspects.

tp b (es) wrote: Film noir at its best?

Rob L (ca) wrote: Good movie...Another great performance by Fay Wray and Wallace Beery. It's filmed very exceptionally for the time, that's probably with Wellman's help.

William D (ru) wrote: "Cabiria," made in Italy in 1914 by Giovanni Pastrone, had a huge impact on cinema, encouraging countless directors worldwide (among them America's D.W. Griffith) to take their craft more seriously and create longer, more artistically ambitious films. Unfortunately, I found the film a bore. I couldn't watch it for more than an hour. Set during ancient Roman times, it tells the story of a young girl named Cabiria born at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily. After a volcano wipes out her home, she is sold to a Carthaginian priest seeking children to sacrifice in his religious rituals. The only gripping scenes were those in the Temple of Moloch, where naked children are sacrificed one by one as frenzied dancers cheer the priest on. Cabiria is rescued and ends up on the run under the protection of a fellow Roman and his slave. That's when the boredom really sets in.