Based on the Gothic romance novel by Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca is a classic tale of love and hate. Maxim De Winter marries a woman half his age only a year after his first wife, the beautiful and accomplished Rebecca, dies. She finds herself in an aristocratic social world her middle class upbringing did not prepare her for, and housekeeper Mrs Danvers despises her for taking her darling Rebecca's place. But these are not the only problems to face... Written by

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Based on the Gothic romance novel by Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca is a classic tale of love and hate. Maxim De Winter marries a woman half his age only a year after his first wife, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rebecca torrent reviews

Dash T (jp) wrote: stay away, its not even worth going to see just to say how bad it is.

Alex r (nl) wrote: Good straight to DVD film that concludes the series Dead Like Me. Being a fan of the series, I found this film to be enjoyable yet flawed. The biggest problem I had with the film was the fact that Laura Harris didn't reprise her role as Daisy Adair. The actress playing the character is horrible and really doesn't do the character justice. The film had its moments, and focused on aspects I found to be very good. The story with Reggie, George's sister and her trouble with dealing with the imminent death of her secret boyfriend, and how George tries to prevent her sister from killing herself and seeing that she's got plenty to offer. For me that was the highlight of the film, and it made the film better even with all its imperfections. I thought that the filmmakers could have focused more on that part of the film instead of rushing it. Dead Like Me: Life After Death is something new and is an average ending to the previous two seasons. I liked it, but I felt it could have been better. As a fan of the show, I didn't think this was the worst ever, but I felt that the script could have used a few rewrites here and there to get the good ideas out. There were a few good ideas on-screen, but it has a lot of wasted potential in being a great film. The film certainly is better than most straight to DVD outings, but like with every other fan of the show, I didn't like the absence of Rube, the new Daisy and the new boss Cameron. The whole plot with Reggie was wonderful, and it was really the heart of the film. A good little flick, but it does leave a lot to be desired. Like I said there a few redeeming aspects of the film, unfortunately it's nowhere near as good as the series. However for what it is, it's worth seeing.

Dan P (ag) wrote: it stars cillian murphy? im in.

Dave R (es) wrote: a good drama about sexual issues and 3 generations of chinese immigrants in NYC. the old timers are very conservative which cause problems for the younger generations. solid performances.

Andy C (nl) wrote: This film begins with promise but quickly devolves into an awful routine slasher story once all the key characters discover what should have been obvious 10 minutes into the film. A forgettable mess.

Joseph N (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies ... Each time u watch u will find something new!

Julia D (br) wrote: Poor old Walter Matthau, he was so great.

Dimitri S (it) wrote: High Spirits, it's just a good comedy. Some off the scene's are funny.

Joshua L (es) wrote: This film is jokes and da fight scenes are fuckin awesome.

Brandon T (ru) wrote: Sleepaway Camp is a superb slasher flick that deserves way more appreciation.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Not for everyone. A family drama about running from a dark past. I like it a lot myself. Great cast. Very PG rated. So if you don't like language, violence or sex see it.

Alex r (es) wrote: Dark Night Of The Scarecrow has got to be the best tv movie since Duel. Frank De Felitta's film leaves a lot to imagination to guess and with that in mind, Dark Night Of The Scarecrow leaves it up to your imagination to guess whats going on. Which makes it truly terrifying. Seeing how terrifying this film really is, it's hard to comprehend that this is a simple made for TV film, but it is, and with that in mind, this film is truly a masterful work of Horror. The film proves that you don't need loads of gore to create, tense, horrifying situation, and much like John Carpenter's Halloween, its up to your imagination to try and guess whats going on, and like I've previously said, it makes for a much scarier picture. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow is a well acted, well paced and directed film. Charles Durning plays a great villain, as the head of a lynch mob who kill a mentally challenged adult falsely accused of hurting a little girl. It's not soon after, that Bubba(the mentally challenged man, falsely accused of hurting the girl) comes back to life in a guise of a scarecrow and hunts and kills for the killers who killed him. As the film progresses, you learn to really despise Charles Durning's character. The film is very well crafted and spawned the entire Horror subgenre of the Scarecrow. Like I've previously mentioned, Dark Night Of The Scarecrow is the type of horror film that leaves your imagination run wild. Thus it makes this film way more scarier than most Hollywood Horror fare. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow possesses a terrific cast with one scary original story , A very unique and original made for TV film. An essential Halloween viewing experience.

John M (us) wrote: The editing in the film is what makes it interesting. It's obnoxious to some viewers probably and I can see that, but I look at it as Orson Welles's jumbled thoughts put together to portray his personal opinions on such matters. It's a unique documentary that nearly transcends the genre, and while messy and at times incoherent, it's definitely memorable.

Veronika C (gb) wrote: David Tennant is my Hamlet.

Chrisanne S (us) wrote: Not my favorite, but the music and the two stars are good.

Mloy X (us) wrote: Jimmy Stewart looked so young (sigh) but still so adorable; however, the chemistry between him and Gnger Rogers was a bit bland, much like the humor in this film. I admit it was pretty silly at times but it failed to genuinely be funny. The story is a bit too cutesy for me and the characters on-dimension, with the exception of James Ellison,who plays Keith Morgan, who seemed the most realistic and multifaceted. Overall, not the best film from Stewart or Rogers.

Francisco R (mx) wrote: Very funny comedy, Ashton Kutcher is hilarious, but there's only a thing, I tottally don't see this move as rated R, but besides that, this is an entartaining, funny movie with a great cast, recommended.