Rebel in Town

Rebel in Town

Ex-Confederate Bedloe Mason and his four sons ride into a small Western town with robbery in mind. Hearing a suspicious "click," Wes Mason whirls and shoots dead a boy playing with a cap pistol. The Mason clan then flees but Gray Mason, feeling remorse, decides to return to the town. He winds up at the home of John and Nora Willoughby who, unknown to him, are parents of the dead boy. Nora recognizes him as one of the Confederates but keeps quiet, wishing to avoid more violence. However, when John learns of Gray's true identity, he determines to avenge his son's death

Ex-Confederate Bedloe Mason and his four sons ride into a small Western town with robbery in mind. Hearing a suspicious "click," Wes Mason whirls and shoots dead a boy playing with a cap ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric C (ca) wrote: This is a Brittish Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The gore done well, the story played out ok, though un-original. Typical horror movie for this day and age, except the killer was neither scary, nor intimidating, and the outfit/disguise was lame at best. At least with most killers in horror movies, they look like they could cause some serious damage. Jason is what 6 foot 6, 300 lbs? Leatherface, tall and stalky, very strong. This guy looks like he could barely do a chin up against those standards. And most killers have something about them that's pretty creepy or scary when you look at them. Leathface has a mask made of human flesh. Hell even the Saw puppet is creepier than this guy. Not crappy, just not real good. Ending was a bit different, but boring at the same time. If you like horror and got and hour and 15 minutes to waste then check it out, otherwise don't bother.

Charlie G (nl) wrote: Marvel Comics at it's best.

Charlotte B (es) wrote: Jeremy Sumpter is so cute in this movie!!

James A (de) wrote: Usually a film that is meant to be "good clean fun for the whole family" means a dearth of intellect followed by a shocking lack of entertainment value. This charming gem is not going to be for all tastes, but it is entertaining, engrossing and for the most part a film that can be viewed by just about anyone from any background. I personally am not Catholic, even so, the story of the Pope being locked out of the Vatican and finding himself in a small village without a priest and stepping in to fill that spiritual void has a wealth of dramatic depth, a wide variety of comic moments (that strangely to current tastes may have to be explained due to a complete lack of bodily emissions or references to genitalia) and even a truly platonic romance.

jimmy j (ru) wrote: REALLY BEAUTIFUL MOVIE........

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Sommersby is an amazing film. It is Laurel Sommersby is just managing to work the farm without her husband Jack who is believed to be killed in the Civil War. Richard Gere and Jodie Foster give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Jon Amiel did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.

John P (mx) wrote: No, this is not Tim Allen's The Santa Claus, but rather a Mexican film that tells the timeless tale of the battle between Santa and Satan. Yes, Santa must contend with the Devil, or rather his not so sinister minion Pitch, who plans to corrupt the world's children into being naughty. Did I say the world's children? Well actually he focuses his efforts mainly a poor little girl named Lupita, who resists his efforts, and a trio of brothers who fall all too easily, and hatch their own plan to kidnap Santa and steal all his toys. Sound weird right? Well it only gets weirder. You see, in this story Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, he lives in a space-castle directly above the North Pole. And there are no elves. Rather he's aided by stereotypical children from around the world, who are introduced in an endless scene with no clear purpose. Come to think of it, where do they live the rest of the year? Oh and his ability to "see you when you're sleeping" and "know when you're awake," well that's because he has an array of surveillance equipment that would make Langley drool. He's got a massive telescope with an eyestalk that can see anything, anywhere, even through walls. Plus there's the ear scope, a plastic dish with an ear that can hear anything, plus a machine that looks into children's dreams. Creepy might not be strong enough of a word. You might reasonably ask where he gets all this stuff. Simple, he has Merlin running his own personal Q branch. Besides all this spy gear, Merlin also provides Santa with dream dust, which makes children fall asleep, the "flower to disappear" which makes him invisible, and his reindeer. Yes, the reindeer are oddly creepy mechanical constructs- wind-ups in fact. And if they're exposed to sunlight, they'll disintegrate, leaving him stranded on earth, where he'll die of starvation because he and his people eat food made from clouds, and he can't digest our food, and I swear I'm not making this up. I'm not that creative- or crazy. Once all this is set up, and believe me it takes a while, most of the movie consists of Santa and Pitch playing childish pranks on each other; using a blowtorch on a doorknob to make it red hot, firing toy cannons into each other's backsides, that kind of thing. The biggest moment of suspense comes when a dog trees Santa and the neighbors think he's a burglar. I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that Santa gets home safely, or that poor little Lupita gets the doll she's been wanting for Christmas, or that the bad little boys get what they deserve. So there's no real storyline, not much in the way of excitement or laughs, and you have to wonder just how powerful the denizens of Hell are if all they can accomplish is to make a trio of brats throw rocks through a department store window. This movie also gives us the most distorted view of Christmas since the even worse Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. And yet Santa Claus is apparently considered a holiday classic in Mexico, with showings on network television every year in December. I guess there's no accounting for taste, although this more the kind of thing I would have expected from Japan.

Colin H (au) wrote: Bit of an oddball film here, given it is an independent Scottish film, set in and around Edinburgh and the Highlands! A sweet Robin Hood-esk tale of two unemployed young Scots turned roadside robbers who's questionable deed becomes a blessing as they start throwing the money away.It is a simple film with rebellious intrigue, love, trust and morality. As well as some pretty slick British humour throughout as "The Wolfman and the Clown" evade pursuing police and investigators! Enjoyable film!

Dan H (it) wrote: Definitely not as good as first one. Way better then that stupid prequel that never should have been made. I am glad they tried because true fans wanted them to try. It continues the journey. If you liked the first one you will and should see this.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: The worst I can say about this abrasive and loud sci-fi is that Rob Schneider is not the worst thing in it (and he tries to be ... as usual). Only for teenage boys.

Andrew B (au) wrote: extra half-star for how weird it is.

Melody X (fr) wrote: It's funny mostly in the beginning. I like the doll metaphor when Amy's dad explaining to the kids why monogamy isn't realistic. Two other most hilarious scenes are about Amy's ex-boyfriend forced to do some talking and when in the movie theater. I knew Amy Schumer is the screenwriter as all the family members first names are real. The one thing that I was a bit disappointed about is the very expected happy ending. Maybe comedy ending are all alike; every tragedy is tragic in its own way. I hope Anna Karenina agrees. :)