Rebelde sin causa

Rebelde sin causa


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Rebelde sin causa torrent reviews

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: A very weak movie. The casting was ok. Slow moving.

Lester Y (ca) wrote: A not-so-well shot documentary that ultimately fails at being objective. I enjoyed the wild media circus surrounding the trial and some very raw moments from the Queen's family. But besides that, a very average TV Documentary.

Jeremy W (es) wrote: what a perfect holiday movie!!!

Geraldo G (es) wrote: It's main plot has nowhere to go, it doesn't explain a thing, some actors have very little participation and acts bad. The music is forgetteable (i don't remember a single note) but the action sequences are fine. Yet everything in this movie feels incomplete and simple. It might be just for a weekend killer time, yet nothing more.

Lisa W (de) wrote: Rodd gave it a 3. I HATED it.

Jul C (au) wrote: Una pelicula que no muestra la miseria colombiana, sino una salida a un problma del capital

Van R (ag) wrote: Writer, producer, director Tom Graeff's micro-budgeted science fiction opus "Teenagers from Outer Space" is a classic example of a movie that is so hilariously bad that it is good. The acting is appropriately abysmal; the special effects are dreadful, but it is a hoot to watch. Incredibly enough, Warner Brothers picked up this idiotic item and presented it on a twin bill with the Japanese monster flick "Godzilla Raids Again." Extraterrestrials from a distant planet in a guide ship touch down on Earth to scout the planet as a suitable place to breed a creature called a 'Gargon.' Basically, a Gargon is nothing more than a lobster. No sooner has the five man crew and captain of the flying saucer landed than they encounter a barking pet black dog named Sparky. The most pugnacious member of the crew, Thor (Bryan Grant), zaps the poor pooch with a disintegration gun without a qualm. The gun itself was actually a toy sci-fi ray gun called a Hubley's Atomic Disintegrator, which sold for a dime, with a flashbulb attached to provide the illusion that it projected a beam. When its beam strikes the dog, Sparky is turned into a bare bones skeleton. Similarly, when Thor embarks on his pursuit of Derek, he shoots innocent people with his exotic weapon, and they are transformed into skeletons, too. Interestingly enough, Graeff used the same skeleton for each cast member who dies as a casualty of Thor's murderous rampage. The leader of the spaceship takes off and leaves Thor to track down Derek (David Love) who escaped when his comrades lowered their guard. Derek is the loner in the pack. When he investigated the remains of the dog, he discovered a dog tag and he explains to his compatriots that they cannot seed the Earth with Gargons because intelligent life is thriving on the planet. We learn from an excessively loquacious bout of expository dialogue that Derek and his colleagues hail from a totalitarian world where children never learn the identities of their parents and live under the tutelage of state guardians. Somehow, Derek has gotten his hands on a forbidden book that contains ideas outlawed by his society. The crew is prepared to arrest Derek and take him back to face a death sentence when he escapes on foot and heads to the residence inscribed on the dog tag. Thor pursues Derek. Ironically, during a transmission with the leader of their planet, the spaceship captain (King Moody of "Get to Know Your Rabbit") learns that Derek is the son of none other than the leader. At a gasoline station, Thor kills two humans who refuse to help him and he learns how to drive a car in no time at all. Meanwhile, Derek goes to the residence and meets dark-haired Betty Morgan (Dawn Bender of "The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry") and her amiable but paunchy grandfather Gramps Morgan (Harvey B. Dunne of "The Sinister Urge"), and they welcome him with open arms. Initially, they believe that Derek--despite his strange uniform--is simply searching for an apartment to rent. Naturally, Betty falls hopelessly in love with Derek and forgets about the date that she had with her reporter boyfriend Joe Rogers (Tom Graeff). It seems that they were going to join a friend, Alice Woodward (Sonia Torgeson of "Daddy-O"), at her house to swim in her pool. As it turns out, Joe cannot go with Betty because the authorities have found two skeletons at a gas station and Joe has to write a story about it for the town newspaper. Eventually, after they reach Alice's house, Derek explains what happened to poor Sparky and Betty and he ride out to the cave where Sparky's remains are. Before the aliens blasted off, they stashed a Gargon in a nearby cave. No sooner have Derek and Betty left Alice's house than Thor shows up and zaps Alice. Thor goes back to Betty's house and kidnaps Gramps. A shoot-out between the city police and Thor occurs in broad daylight as Thor attempts to kill Derek. Thor is wounded but he has enough strength left to kidnap Derek and Betty and he forces them to take him to a doctor to remove the 'pellets.' Dr. C.R. Brandt, MD (Frederick Welch of "Tennessee Champ") removes the bullets, but he knocks Thor out with a sedative and they escape and hit for city hall. Meanwhile, Brandt's misguided nurse arrives and revives Thor, and then she learns too late that Thor is the mass murderer. Thor takes her hostage and forces her to drive. An automobile accident occurs while they are driving and the nurse is hurled from the car before it plunges down a hillside. The police capture Thor and put him in the hospital. Betty and Derek search for the gun. When they find the weapon, they discover that it has been damaged. Derek manages to repair the weapon and tap into high power lines to destroy the Gargon after it goes on a rampage."Teenagers from Outer Space" is a laugh riot from fade-in to fade-out.

Jackie R (br) wrote: Just a vehicle for Judy Garland's singing. Dreadful storyline, one of the most overrated films ever!