Director Jacques Richard tried to emulate a silent movie in all its aspects when he filmed Rebelote. Originally screened with a live string orchestra, the silent black-and-white film has inter-titles and tongue-in-cheek, melodramatic acting and a "soap opera" type plot. Unfortunately, the tale of a sad delinquent trying to overcome his miserable childhood to find success at love and life is not a cleverly acted or staged parody, and so the idea falls short of the standards of excellence of bygone, silent screen days.

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Michael L (fr) wrote: Without a doubt, one of the best of the genre. The right amount of atmosphere and tension intermingled with enough scares to shake even the most hardened viewer, Grave Encounters will leave you wanting more and more and more.....

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: I liked it, but didn't love it. It doesn't even really feel like a movie; it's more like you are getting a glimpse into a child's poverty stricken life. It doesn't feel like Alejandro Polanco is acting, it feels like this is his struggling life. Has good camera work, good performances and good direction, it just wasn't anything that I was expecting.

Ronald S (nl) wrote: Memento meets 50 First Dates, French-style.

Hugo G (kr) wrote: 4.9/10 This was a complete disappointment compared to the first movie. It lost all the essence of it and the originality. Even the performances felt a little forced aside from young Heather O'Rourke who improved her acting skills, and Craig T. Nelson who was consecutively good. But overall it was not scary and the story lacked any thrills and interesting ideas, aside from some creepy scenes. ~March 29, 2015~

Rick R (ag) wrote: Ugetsu (1953)Two ambitious men have dreams of breaking away from their impoverished, war-torn village. One of them, Genjuro (Masayuki Mori) wants to make more money selling his pottery at the larger city, Nagahama; despite, his wife Miyagi's (Kinuyo Tanaka) desire to work the farm, stay close together with their son, and not take chances with the various armies and pirates. Being able to buy good food and nicer clothes for his wife and kid is irresistible to Genjuro.The other man, Tobei (Eitaro Sakae Ozawa) wants to become a Samurai. He is ridiculed by his wife, Ohama (Mitsuko Mito) for being a dreamer. In town, Tobei begs to become a loyal vassal to one of the Samurai, just to get his foot in the door, but is quickly told that he must have his own armor and spear to go to war.Both men dedicate their energies to another run at selling their wares in Nagahama, despite an attack on their village, by pillaging soldiers. With more money, Tobei can buy his armor. On their next trip, Tobei leaves his wife to join the army. Ohama runs after him only to be abducted and raped by some soldiers. She becomes doomed to prostitution.Genjuro meets an enchanting noble woman, Lady Wakasa (Machiko Kyo) who desires more than his pottery. The ghostly beauty and her luxurious home hypnotizes Genjuro and talks him into marrying her.It's very Buddhist in it's story-telling that the suffering of the world is because of desire. Despite the desire for riches by Genjuro and fame and prestige of battle for Tobei, both men are not happy.Be careful what you wish for.