Rebels of the Neon God

Rebels of the Neon God

Defying his parents, disaffected youth Hsiao Kang drops out of the local cram school to head for the bright lights of downtown Taipei. He falls in with Ah Tze, a young hoodlum, and their relationship is a confused mixture of hero-worship and rivalry that soon leads to trouble.

Defying by his parents, Hsiao Kang drops out of the local crammer to head for the bright lights of downtown Taipei. He falls in with Ah Tze, a pretty hood and their relationships is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guy S (nl) wrote: Car crash. Who would have thought it could go so wrong with that cast \_(?)_/

James C (de) wrote: After the death of Andre Toulon, Danny discovers the puppets and takes them back home with him. But little does he know that the Nazis and the Japanese will stop at nothing to learn their secret.Finally, the first decent 'Puppet Master' movie since part 4!! And can't you just tell that Charles Band is not pulling any punches and putting as much as he can back into the series that launched Full Moon. This movie takes place directly after the opening sequence of the first movie, and the way that the original footage is interwoven with new material is very well handled. The rest of the story is a quite pleasant spy story, that isn't too taxing on the brain. The small cast all play their roles well, and there is only overacting for the characters that deserve them. The gore effects are minimal, and the puppet effects are up to the standard you have come to expect, and it was still nice to see that no cheesy CGI has been used. If I have to find fault, the plot is a little slow moving in places, and it would have been nice to see the puppets get a little more involved. But there is one tiny little sequence that answers a question that has always bugged me regarding Six Shooter, and the movie was worth watching just for that. This is a good old fashioned entry in the franchise that had been seriously lacking in the last few entries, and let's hope that future sequels will keep going in the same vein.

Kim (fr) wrote: well it looks like a lowbudget movie but feels like a true horror with alot of intelligence. still its a lowbudget one.

DAVID E (it) wrote: The movie had some decent action, decent acting and a positive story line. Over-all a good movie. On the negative side it was a bit disjointed and it often strays a little too far from the realm of believability. Definitely worth watching though.

marco r (br) wrote: Awesome Movie gotta recomend it to everyone

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: Good suspense because I feel this could happen But Russell's over the top acting is classic. Ask yourself just once when you do something "What would Kurt Russell do?"

Pablo C (gb) wrote: No creo estar intelectualmente preparado para este tipo de cine tan experimental, conceptual, o como lo quieran calificar.

John H (de) wrote: it's the best Eastwood & Reynolds could do in the PG rating

Shreekara B (gb) wrote: Passion or Profession, follow your dream or have a piety job, the outer you or real you? These are some general conflicts seen among the youth in the phase of framing their carrier, doing a job that pays you good amount of money so you be its slave and work like a robot in the same time loop or just explore yourself, unveil the actual you within and find your passion and go in filling colours to your dreams, this beautiful message has been wonderfully portrayed with master class visualizing and tremendous performance in Imtiaz Ali's Directorial masterwork ''Tamasha''When the team of expertise come together there creates a miracle, this is what happened with ''Tamasha'' beautiful storyteller Imtiaz Ali a person having good clarity regarding his craft as a captain carried out the plot in very intensely touchy way, his presentation of the content with artistic complexity and visual allure succeeds in building wonderful connection with its viewers, whether it is in selecting pleasant location for a shoot or else creating a striking sets, he always does it good, Imtiaz Ali knows the shade of his story and pulse of the viewers he always makes the perfect planning in binding the viewers with his intense storyline that creates a wonderful reverie, an extremely talented and a versatile actor Ranbeer Kappor provides full justice by igniting the role with life, his amazing double shade performance shows his acting endowment, Deepika impresses viewers with her lively performance, her intense acting shows her commitment to her role, every supporting castings are very perfectly made.Music is another mentionable element of this wonderful work; the Maestro A R Rahaman has rendered some touchy tones that wonderfully intensifies the frame to frame presentations, lyrics by Irshad Kamil adds extra fuel to the music phase that elevates the movie watching flow, mesmerizing camera work is like a visual treat to the audience, movie has been beautifully layered and upholds the editing perfection, ''Tamasha is not a conventional love story, it moves beyond and make you get involved in the beautiful world of inner conflicts and way to come out from it with flying colours.

Tim J (ag) wrote: As disproportioned as the love story may seem, this film ranks extremely high in my favorites. A much better war film than Private Buckaroo. It almost doesn't even compare. Probably because it was produced by a big name studio. The guest star list is endless. An EXCELLENT film!

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Allan M (kr) wrote: Quite an enjoyable movie