Rebirth of Mothra II

Rebirth of Mothra II

Mothra's twin nymphs and children from the city find a lost city, as well as a giant monster that is attracted to environmental calamities.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japan,   sequel,   monster,  

Mothra's twin nymphs and children from the city find a lost city, as well as a giant monster that is attracted to environmental calamities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bev H (nl) wrote: The acting was good comma but the movie was really slow.

Kent H (mx) wrote: At times the story might get side tracked by other characters. And the ending seemed a bit rushed, and I had a difficult time believing the two men in suits were government agents because of how unprofessional they were. But I definitely enjoyed the film overall, slow paced romance with a sense of wonder...can this man go back in time?

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Sarah K (us) wrote: [b]24 Nights (2000)[/b]

Jeremy P (de) wrote: A low budget action movie with it's fair share of bad actors, but with what they had to work with the director still put together a surprisingly good story. Some interestingly stylish action scenes. Mortensen and Ishibashi (loved him in Audition) were great. And I always love it when Robert Forster pops into a movie.

Sandra P (fr) wrote: chronique d un certain moment dans l existence... on "s obsede" nous memes "sur" qqun... mais en fait...

Tony P (es) wrote: Clint Eastwood stars in one of his most famous roles as San Francisco Homicide Inspector Harry Callahan known amongst the police fraternity as Dirty Harry for his quite antihero but ultimately successful methods.The film from 1971 is lavishly shot in the city of San Francisco by director Don Siegel. The film also boasts a soundtrack composed by Lalo Schifrin better known for composing the TV theme for Mission Impossible.The plot concerns a mad man serial killer called Scorpio who terrorises the city with ransom demands and ever more elaborate murders.The city mayor not wanting more bloodbaths seems intent on meeting the killers increasing financial demands whilst Callahan believes he needs stopping using his more direct methods shall we say that fly against the 'left wing' civil liberties of the American constitution.Eastwood directs some scenes himself in a sign of what direction (pardon the pun) his later film career will take perhaps.I was amused with the 1971 environment. For example Scorpio at first demands the 'massive' sum of $100,000!The cars look massive almost as bushy as Eastwoods hairstyle.I sometimes wonder if a more right wing method of law enforcement would lower the crime rate (minus blowing people's heads off of course!)That reminds me. The film is best known for one of Callahans phrases that he uses twice in this film.The "Do you feel lucky, punk" speech. Actually Callahan is armed with a .44 Magnum firearm. The most powerful hangun in the world at the time.It apparently could blow your head clean off. If faced with its barrel pointing at you, you've got to ask yourself one question surely. It fires six bullets. In all the excitement of a 1970s shooutout. You wonder if five or six shots have been fired. 'Do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk?'

Chip S (de) wrote: Arnie's first movie in 1969, so bad you have to watch it!

William W (ru) wrote: I have really enjoyed Randolph Scott's presence in films at both both bookends of his career, having previously seen him in the pre-Code 'Hot Saturday' (1932) and his last film, Sam Peckinpah's first great film, 'Ride the High Country' (1962), as well as a few in between ('Pittsburgh', 'Virginia City' and 'My Favorite Wife' most readily come to mind), so I thought it was high time to visit some of his most influential films, the Western collaborations with Budd Boetticher.Scott has a really unique presence in these films. So far, I have seen three of the seven they made together, and he doesn't romance, he seems a tortured, troubled soul, even in the almost comedic, 'Buchanan Rides Alone'. This was another excellent script by Burt Kennedy, finely scored and photographed. It was clear that this was a well-run filmic organization, that really knew what in tarnations they were doing. Rare is the film that is short but sweet. I consider this a 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' kind of movie, in that it's not too long, not too short, but just right. Though not quite as good as its predecessor, 'Ride Lonesome', I still didn't have the heart to give it a lower rating.I know the Western genre as a whole tends to get short shrift these days, but when you see the great ones, it makes you really glad somebody made them--and that Boetticher and Scott made a lot more than simply seven together.