Evan comes home from work with a canteen he stoled carrying one of the worlds most deadliest viruses, unfortunately for him he had an unexpected visitor who leaks the canteen.

Evan comes home from work with a canteen he stoled carrying one of the worlds most deadliest viruses, unfortunately for him he had an unexpected visitor who leaks the canteen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Recession torrent reviews

Hael A (fr) wrote: OMG, I loved watching this when I was young! I was completely blown away with the Seniors' performance at the end. I've watched it again more recently--ok, so the dancing isn't the best, the fashion is dreadful, the performances aren't as amazing as I remembered, and the movie is a fairly cheesy 80s movie, but I thought it was entertaining. :) The acting wasn't that bad (I liked Jessica Steen, and she had good chemistry with Peter Dobson), the storylines were pretty solid and dealt with some real issues, and c'mon, the "One More Time" song is great! I did buy the soundtrack on cassette tape just for that song, but was sorely disappointed to realize Michael Bolton sang that song on the soundtrack! Gene Miller (the singing voice in the movie) sang it sooo much better!

Clinton D (ca) wrote: Really bad sreenplay, needed a lot more.

Mio G (br) wrote: fy fan vilken dynga.

Grant H (es) wrote: Sibling rivalry flick that strikes me on a personal level, and succeeds in getting laughs & holding your attention. Mad props to the Duplass duo to include laser tag as one of the fierce competitions (hell yes).

Asif H (gb) wrote: Bobby sucks! Good debut for Preity.

Scott A (kr) wrote: Oh what to say about this one. The sound is so bad on the DVD, I basically just had to read it silent cause even when I had the volume all the way up, I could barely hear voices. Not sure if the film or the copy of the DVD is to blame.Also, it was probably the first movie dealing with a cheating husband where he was married to the stunning gorgeous women, yet fooling around with the most unattractive women in the movie. So it had that going for it.But I hate cheaters, and the whole film is about cheating on your significant others. And after awhile, it's not even a secret.Grard Depardieu is such a scumbag in this movie, as very early on he is quite honest to not just his wife, but everyone he knows, that he is cheating on her. He treats her like garbage in every scene as well.You kind of feel awful for the wife, but she let's this go on the entire film, so...That leaves really no likable characters in the film. And the story is pretty boring.Worst yet, the characters seem to always be talking to the camera or voicing their thoughts to people instead of a real based dialogue.And the R rating is a farce. Some talk of sex, but no language or sex or nudity. Should be a PG-13 film for sure, in case the rating would scare anyone off.

The Next Starfighter (ag) wrote: Horrible. They re-use the same shots of the scarecrows over and over and over. It's pretty lame, and way predictable.

Naoya K (mx) wrote: What camera captures with extreme close-up throughout the film is what's inside characters' minds. Masterwork! I'll watch this film again and again for the rest of my life, for sure.

Steve W (au) wrote: Depressing and nuanced, I Live in Fear would be Kurosawa's last second world war film. A foundry tycoon and paranoid patriarch fears nuclear fallout and wishes to moves his large family to South America where he thinks they will be safe. The movie doesn't have too much going for it but its bleak and pitch black, which is what the director was intending for. Its not among the best of Kurosawa's work in my opinion.

Greg W (es) wrote: lame italian rip-off