Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape

Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape

Emma Norman spends a wild Spring break holiday on Mintners Cove beach, California, with her female friends, Lori, who seeks a new fling and academic Stefanie. There, slick stud Greg Vlasi gives them a good time and shoots video of them on beach and yacht (possibly drugged and/or drunk). The video is doctored and released onto the internet as porn distributed by Nick Bronson in LA. Soon Emma's promising career as Minneapolis school teacher is over. Her fireman fiancé David in home small-town Prairie dumps her, even her dad's firm gets boycotted.

Emma Norman spends a wild Spring break holiday on Mintners Cove beach, California, with her female friends, Lori, who seeks a new fling and academic Stefanie. There, slick stud Greg Vlasi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith H (jp) wrote: Highly entertaining.

Miranda P (fr) wrote: havent seen it yet..but im curious and i wanna kno what its about!

Joey G (us) wrote: I couldn't get through 15 minutes of this.

Darian C (ru) wrote: Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Extremely horrible writing, followed by extremely horrible acting. It's just extremely bad. The attempts at humor in various parts of the film completely drag an already bad movie into a whole new level of bad. I'd say it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Even the ending is horrible. The kids come walking around a corner on the tracks, without any clue as to how they finally got it stopped, and of course by then the owner of the railroad has pulled his head out of his hiney and they all live happily ever after.On a side note, we get to see a nuclear power plant cooling tower being imploded. That part was cool, but then they decided to have some of the debris from the implosion cause damage to the tracks. That leads to even more puzzling problems, because the explosion sent large pieces of lumber flying onto the tracks. I'm not sure how large pieces of lumber ended up coming from a steel reinforced cooling tower, but who am I to criticize.As the kids work to try to get the radio working on the train, they suddenly come into the need for wires... so one breaks open a toy dinosaur which has no electronics, but guess what... it's stuffed with... wires. Again, absolutely horrible. I would say as far as realism, the movie deserves a 3 out of 10. For acting, I'd give it a 3 out of 10. For writing, I'd give it a 3 out of 10. For the storyline... I have to admit, as bad as it was, the storyline itself, while cheesy, was pretty good. I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10.If you are looking for a family friendly movie, you could do much worse. If you are looking for an epic movie, you couldn't do much worse. If you are a railfan, I wouldn't waste your time. This one is definitely worth the rotten tomatoes.As an aside, this film was dedicated to Douglas Steven Bransom, a railfan youth who passed away way too soon at 7 years old. Rest in peace, Douglas.

Sam L (us) wrote: One of those rare sleeper

Cody C (ca) wrote: Easily one of the best movies I've ever seen. I didn't know Melville had it in him. I'd previously only ever seen his heist movies, and took him for a dude who could only do that. This dude can do fucking anything. One thing that's blatant as you watch this is that you're walking down a path many before you have walked. Wes Anderson, Lars Von Trier, Michael Haneke, David Lynch, Bertolucci... it's obvious they saw this movie. And you can feel how deeply they were affected by it. If this movie doesn't affect you also, I don't know what to tell you. You're just not on the right wavelength. But this is a perfect. Fucking. Movie. And the most erotic film I've ever seen with no sex in it.

Dave M (ca) wrote: First Road movie is more a blueprint than anything else, but has it's moments.

Aaron M (es) wrote: Howard hawks his very best!!

David L (es) wrote: In this classic 50's sci-fi drive in movie. Col. Edward Carruthers(Marshall Thompson)loses his crew to an alien monster than drains it's victims of their blood and water(even from the bone marrow and tissue)during an expedition on Mars. A second space vessel, one of rescue when the first ship crashes on Mars, picks up Carruthers who is not believed by anyone including his government back home that an alien monster killed his crew. That is until, they themselves are being killed one by one after the monster found a way into their ship on it's way off Mars to Earth. It seems almost indestructible after countless attempts by the crew to kill it with grenades and guns. Somehow the crew will have to find a way to destroy it as the monster holes them up on the bridge after getting through their first two department levels. What's even worse is that two of the crew, including leader of the rescue mission, Col Van Heusen(Kim Spalding), are attacked by the creature with a bacterial infection spreading into their bone marrow. Another crew member, Lt. James Calder(Paul Langton)is stuck in the lower engineering room with the monster after he and Carruthers attempt to electrocute it. Hiding between the Induction pumps which make the ship land properly and orbit safely, Calder keeps a blowtorch at it's eyes not allowing it to get him(..although, his leg is broken). That presents a problem in itself..if that creature were to attack the equipment in that engineering area, the space ship would not be able to land, but merely drift in space. And, to add to all this, a sick and jealous Van Heusen(he's in love with Ann, played by Shirley Patterson, who is bonding with Carruthers)unshields the reactor hoping radiation will kill the monster who is caught in the room with it after Carruthers closes the hatch to that specific room. Now, the crew, or who's left of them, will have to figure out a way to stop the creature with most of the ship full of radiation! A possible solution, regarding the monster's desperate need of oxygen due to it's huge lungs, may be the crew's only means of harming it.Despite being dated and low-budget, this sci-fi thriller is a winner. The idea of a crew having to match wits with an almost unkillable alien beast adds a great deal to the film even if the monster is merely a man in a hideous rubber suit. I credit director Ed L Cahn and writer Jerome Bixby for creating a tense situation which is pretty much "The Thing from Another World" set in a space ship. Still, that whole "race against time" angle along with the idea of "having few places to run" just makes this little B-film a must for fans of 50's creature features. Cahn and Bixby create an intelligent flick that makes up for the budgetary constraints with taut situations where these characters have to come up with ways to combat their predator when options are limited. Highly recommended if your into these kinda movies. It's clear when you watch this flick how much Ridley Scott's "Alien" was inspired by it.