A chronicle of the weeks after the 2000 U.S. presidential election and the subsequent recounts in Florida.

A chronicle of the weeks after the 2000 U.S. presidential election and the subsequent recounts in Florida. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Recount torrent reviews

Aaron A (ru) wrote: The #1 most funniest movie of the year this is a must see for all people that are living on disability pentanes BUT if you are filthy rich don't see it you won't like it lol

Hli L (de) wrote: Rama Burshtein's beautiful film is an insider's insightful look at an Orthodox Hassidic community that had me second-guessing my own thoughts and misconceptions about arranged marriages. It's always great to dive into unknown worlds and different cultures and Burshtein is the perfect guide. She does it with so much respect for what it is ultimately a largely misunderstood and marginalised community. It is not about religion, most definitely not about secularism, but it's about the human heart and as nearly every critic pointed out Jane Austen fans should enjoy it immensely. The cinematography by Asaf Sudri is particularly stunning, to the point I had to pause frames to admire them! A breathtaking debut feature film and hopefully not the last we'll see from Burshtein.

Austin G (ag) wrote: I found this movie on YouTube (please don't arrest me), and I thought it was one of the better indie films out there.

Daniele C (gb) wrote: Ok, it's clearly self-ironic and a sort of spoof of this movie genre. But still, if you're watching a parody, you can't stop yourself from thinking "why am I watching this?".

luke v (jp) wrote: so after kung fu panda I couldn't wait to see where they would go and we got Madagascar escape 2 Africa I did like this one as much as the first but, I was still good but, it is funnier than the first and with better animation but, they bring modern day references and I really hate that crap but, still its a good little film so you should check it out.

Andrew G (ru) wrote: best film of the civil war ever made

Betsy F (ca) wrote: May2014, very disappointed

Shari P (fr) wrote: only cause leonardos in it will i see this.

David A (ca) wrote: wooden acting, bad writing, and very cheesy johnny mnemonic suffers from the generic problems of action movies from the 90s but like many of them it's still enjoyable to watch even if it's just to laugh at

Jonathan D (kr) wrote: One of the most important films in Film History. I just watched this and it's still fascinating to watch. I know some people don't get this film and that's fine. I just hope they understand how important this film is in American Film History. Looking back, I still feel that Samuel L. Jackson was robbed of an Oscar for his portrayal of Jules. He also should have been nominated for BEST ACTOR as opposed to Supporting Actor. No way anyone was going to beat Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) in 1994. Either way he was robbed this year.

Owen C (au) wrote: If you ever watched any media and then formed an opinion, this explains what happened to you. Seriously.

Raven B (nl) wrote: One of my favorites!

Monurul A (fr) wrote: Old but very nice animation

Scott R (mx) wrote: Silly and contrived. It did a disservice to those real people whose story they were trying to tell.

Zandra E (it) wrote: The info is sound, but Jesus Christ, this movie is boring. The narrator's voice is also kind of grating. I will never believe that vegetarianism is the answer for everyone, but Paleo, Mediterranean, veganism, Keto, and other diets based in whole foods are key to us getting healthier as a nation. Every road is different for everyone, but over processed foods just aren't good for you when it is the core of your nutrition.

Glen W (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Picked this up to see if it would be fun to show during our school's science fair. I usually love cheesy sci-fi and cheesy 80's films so I thought it might be fun, but this had no redeeming qualities. I will stick with "Real Genius".