Red 2

Red 2

Retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

Frank and Marvin are retired C.I.A agents. One day, a information about Nightshade - a nuclear weapon - appears on Wikileaks and it mention Frank and Marvin related to this weapon. Immediately, Frank, Marvin and Sarah become the target of US, UK and Russian goverment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Red 2 torrent reviews

darth v (ag) wrote: This is a terrible movie. Please don't waste your money or the precious 90 minutes you'll never get back. I have a large sci-fi collection and this is one movie I don't plan on ever seeing again.

Matthew Z (nl) wrote: Though Sean Patrick Flanery offers a competent performance as the lead, but this is the only thing the film does right. The writing, pacing, casting tone, and overall quality of the movie suffers from either a lack of directing ability or funding (or perhaps both). Drago (though a talented actor) is entirely phoning it in on top of being a complete miscast. Entirely forgettable and not worth a look even for "bad supernatural movie night" with your friends. Instead, the very fun and campy John Carpenter's Vampires is loads of fun.

Saad K (it) wrote: this movie is nice, full of drama and feelings..the characters were impressive.

Lena T (jp) wrote: Angelina Jolie is perfect for the role as Lara Croft. Great action movie with interesting plot.

RaraRafIqah F (gb) wrote: Well, the storyline for this movie was indeed different than the 1st Whispering Corridors movie's one. I liked that this movie was pretty bold in terms of overall content but the horror sequences were a bit lackluster in my opinion. Overall, I rate this movie just above average but not so great either.

Walter A (ru) wrote: One of the greatest comedies and maybe one of the greatest films if all time. It has a well written script with an unforgettable speech from Stan Lee. Filled with a great cast and great director. Kevin Smith makes you want to go to the mall after watching its a pure classic. It was truly underrated film it came out and flopped at the box office and now it's getting a little of a following but more should watch.

Pavan R (kr) wrote: A fabulous feel good ideal mix of comedy and inspiration...maybe cliched or corny as a reviewer said but completeY worth it and very enjoyable movie even watching it in 2014 doesn't seem dated one bit !

Michael W (ca) wrote: Former Navy frogman Elvis discovers sunken treasure which he chases for retrieval against another party. Part adventure, romance, music and comedy and equally poor at all. One of Elvis' last films and his management team did him no favours by repeatedly casting him in these roles.

Willie H (nl) wrote: Worst film I have ever bad it's nearly good.

Caitlin L (kr) wrote: Channing and Jamie are really good together in this movie. Love the comedy mixed with action.