Red Bear

Red Bear

Bear has never gotten over the separation from his wife and daughter after having been convicted for armed robbery and homicide and sent to prison. Now he is out, to finally get his cut of the money and reunite with his family, or at least avenge the damage done.

Bear has never gotten over the separation from his wife and daughter after having been convicted for armed robbery and homicide and sent to prison. Now he is out, to finally get his cut of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ariel C (de) wrote: Absolutely fantastic. I love the way that the Internet was deconstructed and then analyzed through different perspectives.

Prasoon G (de) wrote: Naseeruddin Shah and Gulshan Grover worked and that chemistry between them is just sheer brilliance. Loved the latter actually this time which is quite unconventional. Movie plot and execution was well.Worth a watch definitely.

Nirvesh V (fr) wrote: want to see again and again and again..............abhi tak 80se jyada baaar dekh li

Lyn B (jp) wrote: graphics were really bad

Will G (au) wrote: It starts out slow, feeling like a Bertolucci or Kore-eda film that's not quite hitting its pace. But once it gets warmed up, this tale felt like a meeting of Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) and Kiarostami (The Wind Will Carry Us). It's the story of post-communist Albania, and of two Italians who set out to take advantage of the country's plight by opening a false business. When the figurehead company chairman escapes, one of the men pursues him, and their journey begins to take on a bigger significance than either of them could have realized. I couldn't stop thinking that Children of Men drew so much from this film, but this one was actually set in the middle of true national destruction.

Private U (au) wrote: Very pleased with this one. Not as good as i remembered it but still a fun watch.

Brandon B (au) wrote: Very good family movie and a very good sequel to the first. Definite must see if you've seen the first.

Rafiq U (de) wrote: An amazing movie about racism in America, that IS NOT boring as all balls. In fact, it's probably one of the more effective dramas I've ever seen at getting a point across. Also it's a surprisingly great thriller/horror movie, the dog is terrifying as all hell when it needs to be, but also eerily silent at other parts. All attributing to the fact that the movie is set up really well, the writing is great and though the acting is hammy at parts, everyone does a great job overall. Another slight negative is that some scenes are just crazy ridiculous, especially one near the end or Kristy McNichol's character just doing/saying stuff that a normal person wouldn't do/say. However, though it's a gripe, it doesn't bring the movie down at all, it really gives you a sense of intensity that most movies don't do anymore and I applaud it for that.PROS: Great cast, terrifying moments, well paced, gets the point across without boring youCONS: Acting can be hammy at parts

Courtney B (es) wrote: really lovely, small film. the black and white of it, the yiddish occasionally without subtitles, the huge, sad eyes of carol kane all conspire to make a really great little film. very worth watching. the America these characters work so hard to belong to seems harsher and crueler in each scene.

James H (br) wrote: Barbra Streisand is fun to watch, it's an enjoyable but overlong movie. The music is good, but not particularly memorable. Entertaining.

David W (au) wrote: A Disney classic with lady power! "You Fight good...." LOL

Elisa G (it) wrote: Lessons learned: everybody cheats, everybody lies. It's a game one must learn how to play. Vanity may cause a buzz, but the introvert hero might enjoy a quiet, truer victory in the long run.

alex s (us) wrote: Intriguing with a few twists

Tim R (es) wrote: It all makes sense when I see who it was directed by. This was a terrible movie that deserved better. It was so cliche and just, bad. I get that the Navajo were discriminated and all, but I just dont need to see the entire movie based around that entire premise. I dont need to ever see another movie where the jerk is a jerk the whole movie and then sees a few good deeds by the "good guy" and all of a sudden will do literally anything for the person they spent their whole lives being a jerk to.