Red Corner

Red Corner

An American attorney on business in China, ends up wrongfully on trial for murder and his only key to innocence is a female defense lawyer from the country.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English,Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   torture,  

The film focuses on an American attorney on business in China. He is wrongfully arrested and put on trial for murder, with a female defense lawyer from the country the only key to proving his innocence. What will happen with him? See the film to discover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manuel M (de) wrote: Behoorlijk slechte over the top japanse campy pulp die slechts met momenten beperkt kan prikkelen

Todd C (ca) wrote: I normally rate chick flicks on a different scale then other movies for the shear fact that I don't like them on the same level but have to watch them none the less .....this movie gets Zero Stars from me and is the worst movie I've ever seen no matter what way I rate it

Enrique K (fr) wrote: Buenisima esta pelicula... Se las recomiendo... Es dramatica, pero las situaciones producen gracia y a la vez algo de desesperacion... Las actrices argentinas opacaron la actuacion de Gael...

aiko b (es) wrote: grabe nakakaiyak talaga.....

Erik N (ag) wrote: Disgusting. Creepy. Nasty. All of the above. Your stomach will churn when she has her dream....-shudder-

cli o (au) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Davey M (de) wrote: Surely one of the strangest movies ever released by a major studio.

Rick B (de) wrote: Not quite as good as the first movie but it still has enough witty dialog to make it an amazingly fun movie.

Timm S (es) wrote: So Incredibly Bad. It's Painful In Parts..How Did Such Big Names Cone To Be In This?? ..They All Have This Look Of, Can We Just Do This & Get Outta Here Already!!

Private U (ag) wrote: surement le meilleur premier film de toute l'histoire du cinema!

Michael M (ca) wrote: What we have here is essentially a standard slasher movie with a twist that is admittedly damn intriguing. The idea of death itself being the killer rather than an unstoppable shark like Freddy or Jason is actually pretty terrifying. Jason may be immortal and unstoppable, but he doesn't have the power of the whole freaking universe like death does, the ability to make everything in your environment a hazard. That's actually pretty scary, and one of the movies strong points. Despite this, it never feels quite as scary as it could. Tense sure, thrilling even, but not scary. The characters are all pretty clichd cartoon versions of people, but they get the job done, and I was at least somewhat invested in seeing them survive. The death scenes, which is really why people see these things, are pretty creative and the unique premise gives them a chance to do some intriguing stuff with them. It's an enjoyable movie, maybe not as good as it could have been, but about as good as what they sought out for it to be.

Noname (mx) wrote: Okey drama/thriller with clint and i enjoyed this one. Great story and end aswell.