Red Courage

Red Courage


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1921
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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Red Courage torrent reviews

Wajid S (fr) wrote: damn gd acting by every1 especially mahesh manjrekar...sanjay baba ROX

Chris C (jp) wrote: Not a Romero film I'd recommend.

MarcAndr R (ru) wrote: Le film amne des rflexions intressantes.

Angie Y (nl) wrote: Even worse than the original.

Jowaad A (br) wrote: Hilarious, dumb, underrated...

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Such a memorable, fantastic performance from Barbara Streisand! The movie has a good, occasionally wonderful first half while the second half drowns in boring, dull melodrama. Streisand lets her star-light hangover this parade through-out!

Laura L (jp) wrote: With Kat Denning's fabulous performance on top of this film's cracker script makes this off-beat coming of age tale a must watch.

Tim S (br) wrote: If you're a film noir fan or just a spoof fan in general, then Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is right up your alley. Steve Martin plays a P.I. who falls for a beautiful client, whose case turns out to be more dangerous and complicated than he expected. Weaving together footage from 1940's film noir classics like Humoresque and Dark Victory intricately story-wise within the story that takes place in the film, it makes for a fun and inventive narrative with side-splitting laughs. Martin gives a fantastic comedic performance in the movie (I think I'll be screaming "Cleaning Woman?!" days from now). Rachel Ward is also great as the dame and Carl Reiner is terrific, as always. Shot in black and white, photographer Michael Chapman and production designer John De Cuir give this movie the classic style it needs. The score is fantastic too. You could swear Max Steiner had a hand in it because of how bravura and classic it sounds. I found myself laughing out loud several times and both really enjoying and reveling in the movie. I'm sure it will please mostly film fans, but I urge everyone that's looking for some great laughs to check it out, as well.

diego d (gb) wrote: When Tinker Bell is born (by the first laugh of a baby) she enters the magical world of fairies where each fairy has a talent. Tinker Bell becomes a tinker (also called Pots and Pans fairy), she learns that all fairies go to the Mainland to prepare the coming of the seasons - all fairies except Tinkers! So Tink tries to be something else to get what she wants, but that is never the answer! Eventually her efforts gets her, and the coming of Spring, in danger. I truly loved this movie. The lesson it teaches children is really amazing, and I was highly impressed that this was a direct-to-video film as well. I was so used to the DTV trash Disney used to put out, that I wasn't prepared for Tinker Bell. It's solidly scripted--a rarity in Disney DTV films. My only qualm would be that the character of Tinker Bell was toned down compared to how she is in Peter Pan, but perhaps the sequels will make her feisty side come out more. The animation is unexpected for a film like this. Sure, it's not Pixar and official Walt Disney Animation Studios level animation, but it was still exceptional. The world of fairies just comes alive on the screen with the gorgeous pixie dust, the gorgeous trees and water, and a festival of colors to entice children and adults alike. Children will fall in love with this new world, and the wonderful characters in it. This may not be our old Tinker Bell, but it's a sanitized, more appropriate Tink for children, and there's really no harm in that. It's rather ironic though, since this film teaches us that we should be true to who we are, but, as I said, no harm is done. Let's hope Tinker Bell is the beginning of many more fairy adventures to come.