Red Dawn

Red Dawn

A Claustrophobic experience which involves a Mexican middle class family into the atrocities made by wild and heartless army forces whose main objective seems to be students who do not permit the 1968's Olimpic games' to develop normally.

October 2, 1968 in Mexico City. There's only ten days for the Olympic Games and a small student's revolt has turned into a major political turmoil. A meeting will be carry out that day in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry E (us) wrote: An informative documentary about Gertrude Berg, the writer, actress, and creator of The Goldbergs, a pioneering family sitcom on radio and then television, forerunner of many more famous ones to come, including 'Seinfeld' and Norman Lear's work. It was an urban sitcom set in the Bronx; late in its run, the setting was moved to the suburbs like the other family sitcoms, whereupon the show apparently became much less interesting. The movie explains the show's relevance and impact as well as the society it reflected, including the very sad story of a lead actor who was blacklisted in the Red Scare despite attempts by Berg and company to keep him employed. Berg was quite popular in her time and pretty influential. A good look at the life and legacy of a largely forgotten figure in entertainment.

Jim C (de) wrote: I really wanted to like this it, even. Two minutes into it, I felt sucked in the same way you would if you were watching a fatal traffic accident in slow motion, and with much the same result; I wanted to hurt myself for putting myself through the experience. Where to begin...? The actors seemed as if they had never met each other before the very moment they appeared on camera. Dialog was stiff and as unnatural as a gay Republican. And talking about time dilation, this was really a 45 minute film dragged out to 90. The acting was on a par with a BAD high school drama production. The direction was....nonexistent. And what makes it all a real shame is that the underlying story was very good. Unless misery is an option you love, skip this film.

Federico F (nl) wrote: Sci-fi comedy, made unique by very experienced actors in this kind

Darillyn S (ca) wrote: The plane crash that devastated the football team, and many others, from Marshall, took place when I was 16. I remember hearing about it. The movie is taking me on quite a trip down memory lane. Hearing my favorite songs from Creedence, Neil Diamond, and the Jackson five; the hair styles, the sideburns, the wide lapels, even the old style ring tabs on drink cans, all evoke thoughts back to that time. I have to say, though, that Matthew McConaughey's performance is so over the top, and his teeth are so white, that every time he is on the screen, it breaks the feeling of being back in the era. I would think that the real Jack Lengyl was intense, but probably not to the point of annoyance! The mannerisms are so exaggerated that it sometimes seems more like a caricature. There are some good things in the film, but I would have much preferred a tamed down lead character! I think the film is worth watching, though, if only to call to memory both those who were lost, and those who picked up the ball and kept running, in spite of the obstacles in their way.

Virginia P (mx) wrote: This film was a great disappointment. There is so much material to the story of this dog, the war situation, the post war and early movie industry life of Lee Duncan and the very special canine. Film does a great disservice to the storyof this very special canine.Adult actors were stiff and phony, dog was humanized to be like a smart, bratty child and the essence of this human -animal bond was reduced to a superficial shallow connection. As a teacher, I think the audience for this film would be pre-schoolers through lower elementary. You can't fool kids, it comes across a a comedy.National Velvet, Warhorse, Pig in the City and Lassie Come Home (with Roddy McDowell) still stay in my head as wonderful animal stories with great meaning.I have just finished reading RinTin Tin by Susan Orleans. It's too bad a film hasn't been made that parallels that biography.Similar to Seabisquit..The dog is humanized to being like a smart bratty child , the humans have stilted conversations and I couldn't see any genuine acting on their part. I thin it would amuse early elementary and pre-schoolers but upper level primary kids would be sceptics for sure. . Teens might mock it. I watched about 1/3 of it but couldn't stand it any more. I still have Lassie Come Home with Roddy McDowell, Pig in the City, National Velvet and Warhorse in my head. This Rin Tin Tin film comes off as silly.I've taught school for almost 30 years and this film would be suitable for kindergarten-1st grade. The true message of this animal's life has been sadly ignored in this film.

Dustin P (it) wrote: An ok drama/comedy/romance film. Not bad, not great.

Joel L (gb) wrote: Just a classic great fun and funny movie. OMG with the chicken dance. And guys are the gas and girls are the breaks.

Ryan C (fr) wrote: ok story kind of older so a bit boring

Justin B (mx) wrote: Excellent creepy and suspensful 80's gem that is almost ruined by its aimless and anticlimatic ending that more or less trails off instead of concluding the film and answering any questions we still have.

Evan K (br) wrote: Couldn't get as much meaning from this as I wanted, maybe too realistic? Some would argue that these kinds of films have no meaning, they are for shock only, how can you not see that there is an abundance of depth?

Dan G (gb) wrote: I wanna love this movie, look at the cast! But this is a messy, lousy edited and incompetent directed movie full of meaningless chase sequences, supporting characters that make no sense and a laughable plot. I hope that Cushing, Lee and especially Price got hundreds and hundreds of dollar bills for this pile of shit.

Sean B (it) wrote: A great storyline, an original storyline.So many films are very much the same, yet this film stands out, I thought that it was great.

James M (ag) wrote: Decent thriller with moments of black humour.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Funny, over the top and a little bit stupid, but that shouldn't stop you enjoying the ride. Full review later.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an excellent film. It is Gilbert who has to care for his mentally disabled brother, Arnie, and his morbidly obese mother after his father died. Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio give fantastic performances. The screenplay is well written. Lasse Hallestrom did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a must see.