Red Doors

Red Doors

The Wongs struggle to cope with life, love, and family dysfunction in the suburbs of New York.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   prank,   dog,  

The Wongs struggle to cope with life, love, and family dysfunction in the suburbs of New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Camille K (nl) wrote: Sortie en France pr (C)vue le 9 novembre. Un film sympathique ! Poelvoorde est franchement bien, il est trs naturel, je crois vraiment qu'Anne Fontaine a un don pour travailler avec lui. Il y a de belles scnes. Le d (C)but est super, plein de rythme, puis le film s'affaisse un petit peu...c'est dommage. Reste un film voir tout de mme pour le duo d'acteurs peu commun et la bonne mise en scne !

Cancelled U (jp) wrote: Derivative, boring and aimless filmmaking.

Mike W (es) wrote: This had a chance to be a great film, but it was let down by totally removing all emotional connection the viewer would normally have in a boxing film. The two fighters are portrayed badly. The "Iceman" is basically an asshole. You really don't want him to win and you don't believe in is story of innocence. Monroe isn't much better. You don't get to know enough about him to give a dam if he wins or looses. The film also lacks a training montage with awesome music! Worth watching to see Snipes punches. They just look lethal.

Becca N (au) wrote: When I found out Robin Williams died the first thing though of was how he stole the scenes in this silly movie. Dr. Kosevich is hilarious. I watched him butcher the English language over & over. Been watching all my Robin Williams DVD's & this is one of my favorites. Sorry, I know it's universally loathed but I can't help it. I always kind of liked this movie mostly due to Robin's crazy Russian Gynecologist.

Josh H (ag) wrote: One of my favorite so-bad-its-good films.

Quentin C (gb) wrote: Just seen on the big screen for the opening of the Vincent Price 100th birthday in St Louis. There was a flash mob during the zombie dance. AWESOME!!

Gary W (nl) wrote: Impoverished Chinese mining community where chit chat expressiveness is kept to a minimum & women seem to have more luck getting out versus the men who seem trapped to work down the hole. The pace is slow but the foreign life at the bottom of steep mountains fascinates. The universality of people feeling trapped in unsatisfying work & what that does to personal relationships makes this a tale with striking similarity to what we all go through. When the youngest member of the 3 member family fantasizes about studying voice in order to possibly be a pop singer, I couldn't help but feel that the AMerican Idol concept is indeed a worldwide myth/dream.

Christopher B (us) wrote: Several propaganda phrases (Japs give knives to their children) today detract from this otherwise fine study of men within the pressure cooker of wartime experience.

Wiebke K (it) wrote: Beautiful visuals -- and some very interesting footage on the effect of being in the dark for months on one's memory. Definitely worth watching.

Cheyann E (it) wrote: I love this move whoo go all of the sexy men

Dave J (it) wrote: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 (2013) Hunky Dory MUSICAL DRAMA Takes place sometime during the late 1970's focusing on a choir/play group with Minnie Driver as Vivienne Mae attempting to conduct and organize a musical play of Shakespear's the Tempest. Watching this is like watching the UK equivalent of "Glee" with the only difference is that it's based on actual characters viewers don't even get to know what they really look like after the closing credits. Some of the issues regards, support from fellow teaching staff members, a brother who has an older skin head brother, hitting puberty, as well as some gay themes. I don't care. 1 star out of 4