Red Light

Red Light

Nick Cherney, in prison for embezzling from Torno Freight Co., sees a chance to get back at Johnny Torno through his young priest brother Jess. He pays fellow prisoner Rocky, who gets out a week before Nick, to murder Jess... who, dying, tells revenge-minded Johnny that he'd written a clue "in the Bible." Frustrated, Johnny obsessively searches for the missing Gideon Bible from Jess's hotel room.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   bible,   reporter,  

Nick Cherney, in prison for embezzling from Torno Freight Co., sees a chance to get back at Johnny Torno through his young priest brother Jess. He pays fellow prisoner Rocky, who gets out a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan G (it) wrote: This movie is hard to get into, and stay into. I found myself seeking distraction. The characters were difficult to associate with, and their relationship is so disgustingly dysfunctional that the man's first failed proposal attempt was him yelling outside of her window, trying to break down her door, and berating her for not living a life outside of the protective bubble of her father, and telling her that she's doomed to lay buried next to her mother in the cemetery while she cried and hung up the phone. The entire movie is filled with childish spats like this, including the scene where they have a fight about not knowing much about eachother's careers. She yelled at him for being surprised she's a woodworker while he yelled at her for not knowing which (of 4) newspapers he has worked for or what he even writes. Even my high school relationships had better drama than this, and I don't feel invested in their story at all.

Cori R (br) wrote: What an absolutely terrible movie. Not only did I not realize it had begun 15 minutes in, but I wanted to leave after a half hour. The acting was terrible.

John M (br) wrote: An anti-climactic police procedural. Thora Birch does her best, but there is no substance to the character as written.

Jessica R (ag) wrote: Much better than the recent Beowulf with Angelina Jolie. Great special effects and story line. Stayed close to the poem.

Ciara B (br) wrote: I love this Halloweentown movie. I love all four but this one is a great one.

Akshay R (de) wrote: A not-so-good movie, could have been the answer to Hollywood's buddy cop movies!

Justin S (it) wrote: Pure raw human emotion

Allan C (de) wrote: Maybe you worried that the Puppet master series was over due tot he four year hiatus, but don't worry. Blade, Leech Woman, and their cohorts are back to fight more evil big people. This time a new scientist has the puppets and takes the local man child under his wing, asking him to carve a new puppet he hopes to bring to life. This is the first film in the series to have a rural setting, which I suppose if a change of pace, but overall, there's not a lot in this film to differentiate it that much from it's predecessors. Still, the ever grown team of puppets are pretty entertaining, even if this entry skimped on the stop motion.

Zeke E (ag) wrote: This movie got me interested in Steven segal action films. The plot is good, the action is great, I don't know, there's just something about a navy seal kicking ass

Bill M (kr) wrote: Superior 80's slasher movie that stands out thanks to creepy atmosphere, good shocks and characters who react in realistic ways to the horror unfolding around them (a couple of scenes were friends find their other friends or lovers find their other half's are dead isnt played as the usual callousness known for the genre, here it's genuinely upsetting in places, lending a rawness to proceedings) it also has a good, creepy plot that unfolds like a proper murder mystery rather than a tacky stalk and slash-athon. Very recommended fro genre fans.

Joe F (us) wrote: A horror movie with rabbits...

Russell W (mx) wrote: Despite the entire 99 minutes screaming "student film" at you, there are some intriguing moments. Ultimately though, the film's unstated contention, that the British were just as likely as anyone to succumb to fascism, strikes me as stupid and unconvincing.

Carl E (kr) wrote: Preston Sturges' last film for Paramount was also one of his strongest; a side-splitting satire of blind patriotism, small town politics and the disturbing tendency to please our mothers at any cost. Sturges himself called it his film with "the least wrong with it."