Red Planet Mars

Red Planet Mars

Husband-and-wife scientists (Peter Graves, Andrea King) pick up a pie-in-the-sky TV message supposedly from Mars.

An American scientist is able to contact and communicate with Mars with shattering political, economic, and spiritual repercussions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve B (au) wrote: was totally blown away, amazing film

Karthik C (mx) wrote: I would not say that Liberal Arts is great, but it definitely is good and worth-watching. Josh Radnor tries to embed a message there that may reach a smaller section of audience. You'd definitely feel good after watching the movie all the while thinking it should have been better. The performances are commendable. Josh Radnor makes a decent director. Watch it!

Jenn T (nl) wrote: Well acted, good premise, a little on the slow side.

Lucas M (ag) wrote: Baby on Board, have a stupid plot and look silly, but could be a good entertainment. In the end, we learn one thing: never exclude your first thought.

Joe B (nl) wrote: Not as funny as i thought it would be and man that kid really sucked the life out of the movie, he was so annoying!

Brian H (kr) wrote: I never read Vonnegut's novel but I'm sure it would've been very hard to adapt it to a movie with the satire and criticism being key. I really enjoyed this movie through and through. Very wild ride! Fabulous characters! Owen Wilson was a surprise! Nick Noltes character was superb and enjoyable along with Bruce Willis being a total hoot! :D I'm surprised I never saw this film before, and am glad to have stumbled across it at the library. Definantly a cult classic type movie, eh? Very interesting things going on in this movie, alot to take in for sure! Kilgore Trout!

Eric R (de) wrote: Mysterious and reclusive director Luciano Ercoli is a somewhat underrated Italian director that made a handful of quality giallo murder mysteries in the early 70's. His most memorable film is the wonderful "Death Walks at Midnight" but his first foray into the genre was the exhaustively long titled "The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion" and he proves that even at the beginning of his career he had a knack for making good suspense mysteries.The plot starts with a housewife of a successful business man being cornered by a potential rapist that tells her that her husband was a murderer and that he killed a business partner that he owed money to. She later finds out that one of her husband's business partners was mysteriously killed and then she is phoned by the mysterious man who blackmails her with a recording of her husband admitting to the murder. She agrees to pay the man and even offers up her body but his blackmailing doesn't end there. With the help of her nymphomaniac friend (the beautiful Susan Scott), she has to escape the potential killer and find out the truth about her husband.Unlike other giallo specialists like Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Sergio Martino, Luciano Ercoli's style is a bit more restrained. By this I mean his films rely less on graphic violence and gore and focuses more on plot. Though his films are less violent he still has plenty of sensual nudity that may be tame by today, but back in 1970 this would have been quite shocking and controversial. His style is a bit more elegant compared to his counterparts and his films are beautiful to look at but giallo fans looking for some more extreme elements when it comes to violence and sleaze are better off looking someplace else.The cast is wonderful and the most memorable is the best friend character played by the gorgeous Susan Scott (real name Nieves Navarro). Navarro was the real life girlfriend of director Luciano Ercoli and I usually despise when directors cast their lovers in pivotal roles. However here it's great as not only is Navarro great to look at, but she's a good actress to top it off. She was so memorable in this film that Ercoli would cast her in the main role in many of his gialli to come.If I had to make a complaint it would have to be that the film does tend to drag a bit. These dull moments and for the fact that the film is more restrained compared to other films in the genre makes it not as memorable or re-watchable as such films of let's say Dario Argento. It still has a good plot and a wonderful twist at the end.Fans of Italian gialli will definitely dig this film but fans of the more extreme films that the genre has to offer will find "The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion" lacking and a bit dull. It's still wonderfully made with a great cast and will make a fine addition to any DVD collector's shelf.

David F (fr) wrote: Saw it at Attack of the B-Movies. It was pretty good.

Renee (jp) wrote: Again! Get the tissues out!!

James C (us) wrote: Excellent slow burn movie with a Wicker Man type feel

Mark A (gb) wrote: Some good moments but this film suffers from predictable, pedestrian dialog. The romantic subplot is a complete waste of time.