Red Rose of Normandy

Red Rose of Normandy

Klaus Muller, a battle-hardened veteran, finds himself fighting for his life on the Russian front. Surrounded by overwhelming numbers of Russian tanks and planes, he and his men are doomed until famed German tank ace, Michael Wittmann, shows up in his Tiger Tank and saves the day. Once wounded, Klaus is transferred to Normandy to serve under Field Marshal Rommel just days before the Allied invasion. Much to his surprise, he finds that his beloved Klaudia is also stationed nearby as a field nurse. Unfortunately, so is her father, who is working with the French resistance and now finds himself pursued by the ruthless Gestapo officer Brahms, whose search leads him to Klaus and Klaudia attempting a rescue. They are caught and imprisoned. As D-Day begins and the Allies attack from the beaches and the sky, they escape from the prison, fighting the Gestapo in the middle of the biggest invasion in world history... Written by tino struckmann

Caught in the middle of the advancing Allies and the fanatical Gestapo during World War II, Klaus and Klaudia must fight their way out, only to make one last stand together surrounded in the middle of the biggest invasion in world history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dany L (fr) wrote: A cultural fly on the wall movie like you don't see very often. Completely engrossing.

Joules L (ru) wrote: Good... quirky... funny!

Matt R (ca) wrote: The creepiest and most realistic faux-documentary since 'The Blair Witch Project'.

Simon P (kr) wrote: Cheap and nasty horror flick which has stolen ideas from many of the recent torture films but has a fine collection of sinister creeps and sickos all its own.

Johnathon J (nl) wrote: Not nearly campy enough. Stick with Sharks in Venice or Shark Attack 3.

Jason L (ru) wrote: terrorists totally make me want to shoot!

miranda p (ag) wrote: hilarious! I like Steve martin he is good at being silly.

Eric R (it) wrote: There are some films that you secretly love!

david t (au) wrote: i would like to see this one..

PierLuigi F (kr) wrote: A classic good disney adventure with some iconic characters and props. Old school, maybe a little too old.. Kids thought that was quite ok. (I loved the look of the airship)

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Camille P (kr) wrote: haha abbott and costello are hilarious!

Antoine R (us) wrote: Probably one of Dupontel's best movie, with "les convoyeurs". It's totally nuts, I dunno what a subtitled or dubbed version in english would be like, but if you do speak french, just get this movie. An abandonned child grows up in an orphanage, and becomes a complete nutcase who goes on a journey to find his parents... and Albert Dupontel (love him, can't help it ^^) plays the part perfectly, with Claude Perron giving a beautiful performance as the drug addicted slag. Just get it, take the broomstick out of your *** for 90 minutes, and enjoy the ride :)

Diganta B (us) wrote: 'Fasten Your Seatbelts; It's Going to Be a Bumpy Flight!'

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