Red Serpent

Red Serpent


Steve Nichols part à Moscou pour un voyage d'affaires de routine. Il doit remettre au point le transport par bateau de médicaments aux Etats-Unis et il va rencontrer ses associés russes. Le train-train... jusqu'au moment où il devient la cible du “Red Serpent”. Ne se rendant compte de rien, Steve tombe dans un piège et sera obligé de participer à un projet mortel de traffic de drogues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeMarkus H (fr) wrote: This movie was WWWWAAAYYY better than the rating . Good flick

Linda S (br) wrote: Not to my taste at all.

Fase H (es) wrote: Most peope will falt out hate it, but for the handful with a sick sense of humor and a love of zombies this is pure gold.

Corey W (es) wrote: This one was a downer most of the time but a well-portrayed one that had plenty of heartfelt moments.

Michael K (ru) wrote: DVD has edited out some of the music which is a shame. Look for Coco...

Sara W (fr) wrote: Silliness. The potion makes things interesting. I liked the hooker the best, but everyone knows Sandra Bullock makes a very cute nerd.

JuanKa P (ru) wrote: Las clases sociales, el sexo y la comida son elementos presentes en Jamn Jamn, un clsico de Bigas Lunas. Con las actuaciones de Javier Bardem como Ral y Penlope Cruz como Silivia. Jos Luis es novio de Silvia. El es hijo de unos padres ricos, dueos de una empresa de ropa interior en la cual trabaja Silvia, una chica humilde, de madre prostituta Silvia se quedar embarazada y la madre de Jose Luis quiere romper el noviazgo para lo cual contrata a Ral un modelo de ropa interior y artesano jamonero para que enamore a Silvia.

Private U (it) wrote: Didnt make it past the first 5 minutes........ terrible

Hamel G (es) wrote: The only thing you learn is how to die says a sinister voice in the trailer. And that's exactly what you get in this "christmas-themed' 80's slasher. It's dark, gritty and has some decent acting. It also has a great "early" score by Chris Young. One of my favourite slashers.

Martin D (de) wrote: Early Carry On movie with no real plot to speak of; rather a thin narrative that links together what is basically a series of sketches. For the first 45 mins the sketches range from the amusing to the inspired, but the film soon runs out of ideas and the sketches in the second half become increasingly desperate.

Tanvir M (au) wrote: A very interesting and well done thriller, where the viewer has a lot of fun guessing what exactly is happening. There was a decent Hindi remake as well, called 'Acid Factory'. The ensemble cast really delivers, with some gritty performance. Not in the league of 'memento', but we have seen worse, much worse!

Matthew L (de) wrote: Ridiculous and cheesy, with some decency.