Red State

Red State

Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter Christian fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.

Jarod and his best friends Travis and Billy-Ray come to see a thirty-eight year-old woman after receiving her sex invitation. After meeting the woman, they are soon drugged by the beer and pass out easily. They wake up and realize that they are moved in the fundamentalist Five Points Trinity Church and are about to be killed. Meanwhile the church is being attacked by ATF agents led by Agent Joseph Keenan which leads the three boys one way to save themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Red State torrent reviews

joe r (ag) wrote: My daughter absolutely loved it

Sean C (br) wrote: This isnt as half bad as reports would have you to believe, however having sat through the likes of Knock Knock recently, anything, literally ANYTHING would look rose tinted by comparison. Standard beastie flick that sees the bugger do the standard pop out of one person into another after first making belching noises (Dreamcatcher anyone?) with little or no explanation as to why it even exists. Completely stupid but then you need to watch stuff like that from time to time.

Honey J (ru) wrote: I'm not big on sports movies, but this is thoroughly entertaining, touching, and had me rooting for them the entire journey.

Martin F (de) wrote: Horrible acting, silly dialogue and script.

Dale R (ca) wrote: Well ... that would have been an excellent 30-minute short-story/play, but was dragged out to 95 minutes using the directorial style of 'long scenes watching the characters sitting/standing thinking'. Even for someone like me that needs things to be fairly slow-paced so that I can follow them, this was painfully slow.However, it does contain the single most shocking scene that I have ever seen in a film of any type ; in fact make that the 2 most shocking scenes. Why not make a follow-up where some 10 year-old girl snogs a man in his 30s ? ; and shares a bath with him.

William B (ca) wrote: Bizzarre and made very little sense, no transitions in plot and ultimately one of the most confusing movies I'd seen on Netflix this summer.

Claudette A (ru) wrote: I hadn't heard much about the Japanese Internment camps before. So this was an interesting perceptive of it. Though the movie was long and drawn out, it's story line was original.

Mike S (fr) wrote: Wesley Snipes before IRS and weird-face troubles. Sweet.

Trent R (fr) wrote: Nice to see again in hd, despite this obviously not being the best Cushing/Lee pairing or Fisher effort. The mythic feel does come across somewhat, though, and the smooth look of the production helps carry that along.

Filip N (fr) wrote: Nearly perfect film noir. Too bad about the last 5 minutes.

Cort J (gb) wrote: One of the great Stanwyck films (and a pretty good job by Cooper as well)

Grayson D (de) wrote: Enjoyable monster movie.

Susan A (kr) wrote: It IS clever, And honest. Really good dialogue and Chris Evans is my new crush. I really liked this movie. Good cast. Good characters.Good chemistry. Nicely paced.