Redball is a 1999 Australian film. Two detectives are assigned to solve a series of grisly murders of children. However, when their investigation leads them towards someone in their own squad room as the killer, the female detective edges on a total breakdown as she loses faith in her fellow officers. The film explores the decadence and corruption that exists in the police force.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   police,  

Two detectives are assigned to solve a series of grisly murders of children committed by a killer dubbed "Mr. Creep". However, when their investigation leads them towards someone in their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (fr) wrote: I got a great idea! Let's change the title of the movie since at first glance, you would think that this film takes place in Connecticut. And you will be quickly sadly mistaken. This 2nd and final till this date outing of the small duology franchise shares the same irritating key elements of other supernatural films. A bunch of spirits inhabiting the land teleporting in and out, staring, pointing fingers in random locations, making sound effects and only speaking to one character but you don't hear the dialogue or see the entity. It was excessive with the spirits. Same generic stuff like things happening at night. Doors and windows making noises. The mom has issues, trying to suppress feelings and visions that she blatantly see with Rx drugs that do nothing. The film is very boring and very slow. The dog barely plays any part of this film, unlike most supernatural films where they help to explain the entity. The plot is pretty meh, I guess it has to be this way. Can't have a bunch of spirits without the one who screws up everything. The film is based on a true story. But it takes place in Atlanta and not Connecticut. If you see artifacts during the film and you feel there is some heavy symbolism involved with them, again you would be sadly mistaken.

kelly (ru) wrote: Saw this on Netflix instant watch, just after I watched similar film "The Exorcist Chronicles".This is decent for a found footage horror film, though the best scare (the cornfields one) becomes the worst scare when the cut uses it fives times instead of just once. I can't rate this film too highly because I hate found footage horror and I'm not into the exorcism subgenre. If you are into both of those horror subgenres, this may be a guilty pleasure gem for you.Our priests start out and stay pretty damn believable, but the possessed girl totally ruins the movie with poor acting, though she looks the part in medium shots, and the cameramen aren't performing to acting task either. I do like that the film references actual demons but I've no idea if the specifics are correct (I can recognize names and know some basic facts but I'm far from a demonologist). One big (maybe) error is that the possessed's local priest is Methodist and the consulted exorcists are obviously Catholic; I'm not sure this sort of cross-organizational cooperation occurs as I'd think the Catholic church wouldn't send representatives to care for a non-Catholic.Besides the possessed girl being acted weakly, the possessed afflictions are stereotypical in terms of film language (stigmata, flashing lights, warped voice, creepy contact lenses, urination, Tourette's style cursing, "tempting" a priest). I admit that the creepy contact lens is indeed creepy when at the end one character has one eye creepy and the other normal. But with both in, it quickly becomes too normal to scare with. This film is marginally better than incredibly similar film The Exorcist Chronicles.

don b (de) wrote: it is a good movie but the comics are better

Nardia L (de) wrote: whoa...just different...bizarre. And I simply loved it! I'm still wondering if situations actually are like that in real life. But hey, loved the ending, very very realistic

Martin S (au) wrote: Intense with small means.

Josh C (br) wrote: really sad and depressing with a good cast and some amazing cinematography. the music is also really good. not the best movie ive seen in awhile, but it wasn't too shabby. the ending really got to me and had me reeling, though

Lubaina K (de) wrote: Just Smita Patil in the movie is a reason to watch the movie. This movie was made in the era when women were trying to make an independent identity for themselves (in India), one separate from their husbands/family. The movie is mainly about Smita Patil's character and how even after having a taboo of a woman abandoned by her husband for her own step-sister, she strives to make a mark for herself in the world. The friendship between her and Rajesh Khanna is exquisitely handled. Her struggle, finding her inner strenght while fighting against thoughts of suicide and society humiliations, is so well portrayed by Smita Patil. Does get a little dramatic and exaggerated at times but considering it is 1980s Indian cinema, that is not a surprise. Also has songs with inspirational lyrics.

Armando P (nl) wrote: Just nostalgic but mediocre movie.

Jesus H (nl) wrote: la historia es muy buena

Luca V (de) wrote: A movie about a little obnoxious dog that becomes obsessed with a dolphin...inevitably raises the constant nagging question throughout the film..."Whats the point???" If you have not seen this movie yet...GOOD! yourself a favor and save yourself from the agonizing and embarrassingly boring acting and storyline, as well as the incessant, unfunny childish jokes and humor. There's nothing in this film except an unoriginal plot that is not amusing.

RJ M (it) wrote: The only R-rated movie from director Robert Zemekis is one of the great unsung comedies of the 1980's. Kurt Russell is at his best as Rudy Russo, a fast talking used car saleman that will do anything for the sale. He's so adept at lying, cheating, and telling people what they want to hear, that he realizes his true calling...politics. His boss agrees to loan him $10,000 so he can buy a local election to the state senate. But his boss dies before he can give him the loan, so now Rudy has to sell every car he can to come up with the money. He's hampered in every attempt by his boss' nefarious brother, who just happens to own another used car lot across the street. As politically incorrect as they come, the movie is a non-stop laugh riot that holds up today, despite the trappings of being made in 1980. While Kurt Russell is the star, the movie belongs to the late Jack Warden, who plays the dual parts of Roy and Luke Fuchs. Luke, the kindly one, and Roy, the ultimate sleazeball. There are so many classic scenes in this movie, it's impossible to list them. But the standouts have to be the two illegal commercials Rudy and his co-workers broadcast during a football game, and the presidential address. Suffice it to say that neither one goes right, and we get results ranging from full frontal female nudity, to exploding cars. Also there is a scene where the salesman are in full swing and telling people everything they want to hear to sell a car. They even get their dog to play dead so a potential customer will feel guilt ridden about running the dog over, that he'll buy the car. The movie got buried in its initial release, opening the same day as Airplane. As great as that movie is, Used Cars is even funnier. The dvd of this movie contains an audio commentary by Robert Zemekis, Kurt Rusell, and co-writer Bob Gale. It is the single greatest commentary in dvd history, and the stories they tell about making this movie are even funnier than the movie itself. Believe me, that's saying something.

Greg W (it) wrote: Irving Rapper's screen version of Emlyn Williams semi-autobiographical play is well acted by Bette Davis as the spinster-teacher, but is too theatrical, sentimental and conventional.

Chas H (au) wrote: Wow, talk about old-school racism. I guess this was before the days when you were allowed to say "zombie" in a zombie movie.

Chr P (de) wrote: I'm not quite sure why Capra had to make this film twice, even if he waited 30 years to do it again. I probably will probably get kicked out the Bette Davis Fan Club and go straight to Hades for saying this, but I actually like this version - and May Robson - better. But either way, it is a charming Cinderalla story like only Capra can do them.

Roberto B (jp) wrote: Its a romantic comedy that you've seen a million times yet its not the one that will completely tear your eyes open out of desperation. Its a good story that has a great doubt factor withing it. ITs a tsorty abotu Jack singer and firlfriend Betsy who proposes to Jack but after having promised his mother that he wont marry he is set on a tough and momentous decision. Will they get married What will happen? its a good one timer movie though and oddly enough you iwllr emember it for some time, it a good strange way.