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Reencarnación torrent reviews

Frances H (de) wrote: A thought-provoking indie flick about the choices we make in life and how we can always change our direction. Well-acted and directed, this movie is an enjoyablechange from fantastic action hero save the world Hollywood blockbusters, instead dealing with issues that everyday people really deal with in everyday life--something to which we can all relate.

shaili p (us) wrote: i love this movie sooooooooo much !!!

Leong C (mx) wrote: Funny, entertaining with a lot of black jokes....

Sarah F (ag) wrote: For a direct-to-video prequel spin-off, it's not bad. The animation is spectacular, but the plot is lacking, the songs are beyond cheesy, and I can't help point out that the character Prince Ivan is the spitting image of Young Dimitri in "Anastasia".

Scott R (de) wrote: pointless and not very funny

Nessa J (fr) wrote: Great ending to the movie.

Richard C (kr) wrote: A bit more focus on what it is the characters are really trying to achieve and some more drama in the first half could have made this beautifully-shot film a great film but for all its ambitions and understanding, Picnic does still come out as a watchable drama thanks to its much improved second half where the drama never feels too schmaltzy.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Tiresome sequel with Herbie plying his trade in South America affecting the lives of many arrounding him, particularly a very annoying little boy - well he annoyed me anyway!

Michael S (de) wrote: A silly, way over-the-top action flick from the 90s. Simultaneously fun and dumb.