Reflections of Light

Reflections of Light

After a car incident, in which he lost his wife, a musician remains paralytic on a wheelchair. He retires in a lonely villa. Incidentally together with him in the villa there are also a bisexual, a lesbian and a vicious kid. The lascivious atmosphere drive all the protagonists into depraved games. But the pain for the lost couldn't be medicated.

After a car incident, in which he lost his wife, a musician remains paralytic. He retire in a lonely villa together with a bisexual, a lesbian and a vicious kid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy H (kr) wrote: Who needs a story line when a movie is this sexy. But it still had a very good one. Hot, hot, hot.

Cody M (es) wrote: The writers should had looked up the word "comedy" in the dictionary and started there.

Martyn M (ru) wrote: Puerto Rico doubles as Hawaii.A standard thriller that looks like it is goin to go somewhere different, then dosen't.Decent perfomances. A twist in the tale that is not a surprise when spotted early on. Nothing outstanding about this one.

Bunny R (es) wrote: Shit was off the HOOK!! lmao

Yash B (ca) wrote: This movie is a good sci fi thriller that works primarily because of Will Smith's performance. I feel like this type of world has existed in movies and TV before but his charamatic and emphatetic performance is what sets this movie apart. I think it's a consistently tense movie with a lot of smart elements. I enjoy watching it and think it is enjoyable overall. I do feel the first hour of the movie is dragged out a bit but the finale is quite exciting. It's a movie that probably could've been more complex but is still a good watch if you are a fan of this genre or Will Smith.

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Leanne J (kr) wrote: Very Interesting and Gd How They Looked Bck And Forward! Gd Film!

Mark F (de) wrote: This is a well hidden gem. I urge anyone to see this and enjoy a superb Priestley performance and a great little script.

Faeo F (ag) wrote: 1974 was the year the buddy cop film came to fruition. With the release of Freebie and the Bean and Busting, the buddy cop film became a legitimate genre that mixed crime drama elements and comedy. Oddly enough there wouldn't be another major Hollywood buddy cop film for almost another decade until the release of 48 Hours in 1982. By the late 80s with the incredible success of Lethal Weapon the buddy cop film suddenly became a quite popular genre of film. Freebie and the Bean is not only one of the first films in the buddy cop genre but it is also one of the best. Mixing high voltage action scenes, rampant violence and crude but hilarious comedy Freebie and the Bean is not only one of my favorite films in the genre but one of my favorite films of the 70s. Starring James Caan and Alan Arkin as a pair of cops in the Intelligence Division of the San Francisco police department on the trail of well known mobster Red Meyers, the film is a nonstop ride of carnage, hilarity and superb stunts. Caan is Freebie, a bigoted cop who doesn't mind getting a few "perks" out of the job and Alan Arkin is Bean a family man and partner to Freebie who has to put up with Freebie's callous ways. Caan and Arkin's pitch perfect interplay between each other during the film is endlessly laugh out loud funny. I particularly like the fact that both cops are prone to outbursts of violence, so the cliche of the dangerous maverick teamed up with the by the book cop thankfully doesn't really come into play in Freebie and the Bean. Both cops use very unorthodox tactics in getting what they want. The rest of the cast includes Alex Rocco as a deliciously smarmy D.A., Loretta Swift and a very sexy Valerie Harper as Bean's wife. Director Richard Rush shows his expertise in crafting exciting and phenomenally executed action scenes with highly memorable stunts. Rush would later go on to direct the cult classic The Stunt Man. The numerous car chases in the film are high quality and the stunt work and driving are might impressive. The high quality of the stunt work gives the film a palpable dangerous vibe throughout. One of the aspects of the film that some critics had trouble with was the fact that many innocent bystanders get injured along the way in the film. In fact the film's mix of comedy and violence has been known to turn some people off from the film. Freebie and Bean's investigative tactics are another sore spot for some critics, these guys make Dirty Harry seem like an ACLU lawyer in comparison. One scene in particular that takes place in a bowling alley bathroom is rather infamous. Freebie and the Bean is very un-PC, it is loaded with dialogue and situations that would never be admitted in today's Hollywood films. The crude humor of Freebie and the Bean is one of the main reasons it is one of my favorite films of the 70s, it is a relic from another era and we will never see a film like it made again. The film is available on DVD as part of Warner Brothers Archive collection and is one of their biggest sellers. Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the film is a revelation to fans who never got to see it in the theater. The only extra is a rather mediocre trailer. I actually was shocked how poor the trailer for Freebie and the Bean was, I can't believe the film was a box office hit with such a stinker of a trailer. If you are a fan of this film or the buddy cop genre in general you need to get this DVD. If you've never seen Freebie and the Bean do yourself a favor and get the Warner Brothers Archive DVD, you'll be amazed at what they used to get away with in films back in the 70s and you'll have a rip snorting good time at the same time.

Jon K (jp) wrote: Great movie. Good acting and story.

Bryson T (kr) wrote: The critic rating on this movie is exactly the reason I don't give much credence to rotten tomatoes critic reviews. I really love this movie. Watching it now as a matter of fact. Does its job very well, reminds me of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was even more convoluted than this film. Josh Hartnett's performance is actually pretty dang good, and you can't beat Sir Ben Kingsley's portrayal of the overtly Jewish Mob Boss, and Bruce Willis as a psychotic hitman. First time I saw this movie, I was really blown away with the ending. Still love it to this day. Even Lucy Liu, whose portrayal of the neurotic neighbor is sort of annoying, is fitting to the story.

Tim M (ca) wrote: Well Acted, well written, well done! Bill Hader is quickly becoming a breakout actor from his SNL days, while Kristen Wiig provides laughs and is able to go to a place I didn't know she could go. The film touches on some very important, but difficult subjects with dignity and humor. You'll need tissues, but likely be smiling throughout.

Carlos D (ca) wrote: this took me by surprise,excellent work from Chris Rock.

Brad P (ag) wrote: I'll watch it for Bill Murray...