Reflexões de um Liquidificador

Reflexões de um Liquidificador

Elvira's blender tells her story with her husband, Onofre, who's gone missing, and makes reflections about life.

In São Paulo, the middle-aged housewife and taxidermist Elvira reports to the police that her husband Onofre is missing. The chief of police assigns the snoopy and inconvenient Detective ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sjoerd H (ag) wrote: More fun than I thought it would be

Greg W (ru) wrote: another retelling of this often told tale 'the legend of sleepy hollow'

Loopy L (ru) wrote: Horrible effects that don't match up to whats actually happening on screen, long conversations with not much to do with the plot of the movie with a ending that results in a underwater battle against the earth. High points...Amy Jo Johnsons acting ability.

Bryan C (nl) wrote: Probably the most rounded and complete story of the devasting events of the Genocide in 94. Idris Elba - what a performance. Stunning movie which for some reason hasn't received the hype of Hotel Rwanda or Shooting Dogs. A must see.

Paul D (de) wrote: Good biographicalesque movie, decent story around the music industry although does lack the real life presence a true story brings.

Manny C (ru) wrote: Here's three iconic filmmakers presenting three different tales set in the Big Apple, those filmmakers being Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola (his being the weakest) and Woody Allen. All fantastic, I am especially a fan of Allen, whose 'Oedipus Wrecks' is my favorite of the Gotham-set vignettes (it has Allen as a man whose hard-nosed Jewish mother literally disappears during a magic act only to reappear in the sky for all to see, it stands as one of his funniest). A most under-appreciated tale is Scorsese's 'Life Lessons', starring Nick Nolte (terrifically understated) as a painter obsessing over his assistant (Rosanna Arquette). Nolte is remarkably gruff, and Scorsese is clearly having a ball, blasting the 60's tunes to eleven. Short, but oh so sweet.

Teresa S (jp) wrote: (1988 Director: Fred Olen Ray) Loved this very B movie...starring Charles Napier as a detective who has amazing dumb luck! While others surrounding him,including James Booth (Barney Miller) are picked off one by one by the gooey tentacled mysterious "monster" which is actually a biological weapon loossed as the satellite containing it unexpectedly crashes to earth. Fun role of an elderly ho bo who is the sole surviro among his band of ho bo's played by Norman Burton. Watch it for the melodramatic fun AND to see Julie Newmar as a psychic who is trying to warn the police about this otherwordly menace!

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by Don Siegel (Coogan's Bluff (1968), The Beguiled (1971) and Dirty Harry (1971)) and written by blacklisted writer Albert Maltz, this was a light-hearted but incredibly well made western which had a good pairing in the lead, and a killer score by Ennio Morricone. While it's not perfect compared to Siegel's other films, it's a film that grows on you over time and it does have some good moments. Set in Mexico during the early 1860's, during the French intervention in Mexico, American drifter Hogan (Clint Eastwood) comes across a group of Mexican bandits about to rape nun Sara (Shirley MacLaine), but he puts a stop to all that. Sara is in Mexico working with the Mexican revolutionaries who are fighting the French, and Sara proves to be a match for the tough Hogan, who watches in amazement as she drinks his whisky and smokes his cigars, and she proves to be helpful when he's struck by an arrow, and she helps him bring down a French ammunition train, but he's able to get her to the revolutionary camp, led by Col. Beltrn (Manuel Fbregas) where they're preparing for a battle with the French. It's a very good film, but at the time, it split critics and audiences down the middle, even Universal didn't know what to do with it, and delayed it's release by 6 months. But, Eastwood and MacLaine have good chemistry and it's heavy going in places, but Morricone's score is a killer.

Brandon C (ag) wrote: Gone with the Wind is a masterpiece filled with drama and romance!

mark d (br) wrote: ultra-culture-cinema

Paul D (jp) wrote: A waining Wayne. It has a little too much time filling amongst an obviously one directional plot.

Jared T (de) wrote: The shot of a Hell's Angels' guy stabbing a fan is still very horrific. Film moves well and has pretty good musical performances, even though the crowd was out of control.

Keith T (jp) wrote: This one has LOADS of action and must hold the record for the number of fatal neck twists in a movie. However, this all comes at the expense of the plot. There doesn't seem to one, other than to have loads of action. Typical ITV4 movie really!

Patrick C (br) wrote: I remember I saw this movie twice in one day at the theater when I was 16 when it came out in December 1981, I drove back to the theater to see it again after the first viewing. Can't believe it's been over 30 years now seeing it for the first time since then. Great acting as everyone else has said. Interesting to see young Tom Cruise and Penn. Story line is more unbelievable now watching it as an adult, but cool movie for teenagers to watch.