Reggae in Babylon

Reggae in Babylon

The young, gifted and black generation of the 70's who started the British Reggae movement is captured in this unique documentary. Groove to the smooth sounds and see rare footage.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:1978
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  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jamaica,   reggae,  

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Reggae in Babylon torrent reviews

Mark Anthony C (au) wrote: Sawaddee kap! Kyot and fun to watch XD

Agata U (ag) wrote: it's a shame the film loses its momentum at some point

Pee W (de) wrote: James Urbaniak, who played CRUMB and is Dr.Venture is a garbage man from queens who makes poetry so beautiful it causes people to pass out, regurgitate their shrimp lasagna and see god. He is aided by the most perverse character (reminds me of frank from blue velvet only more fucked 1998 style) who rapes and steals before making breakfast. hal hartley directed it, he also made the awesome "flirt" & "no such thing" - the one with that monster in iceland and the the chick from go. "FAY GRIM" made in 2006 is like a sequel but focus' on parker posey, who will always be BRANDI to me (from doom generation) when i smoke more than two joints, or that bitch Patricia Eden from "YOUVE GOT MAIL" when i also do cocaine. henry fool is played by that guy who looks like mickey rourkes retarded step-sister Thomas Jay Ryan, who was the McROMANCE guy in ETERNAL SUNSHINE AND THE SPOTLESS MIND (frank-coincidence-or fate- with blue velvet) and who used to act in Richard Foreman plays like Dracula and played edgar degas which is fucking hilarious. hehe

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Cut yourself a slice of that Gypsy pie--The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Skinny!!

Luke W (es) wrote: A well-paced and exceptionally acted drama doesn't need the requisite shootouts or explosions to keep you interested. The ending will have you scratching your head as to its meaning, but everything is so superbly done that you forget there are only three main characters, and each one is captivating.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Alex Winter is primarily remembered as the dumb to Keanu Reeves' dumber in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Though in recent years, he's given the Alex Gibneys of the world a run for their insight as the auteur behind documentaries (Downloaded and Deep Web are both highly recommended) that probe the tenuous intersection of technology, oversight and personal freedoms. But 22 years ago, he earned his feature-length directorial stripes with the inspired Freaked, a gonzo genre exercise boasting Randy Quaid as a carnival barker in bed with corporate scum who's eager to exploit their latest chemical concoction and turn innocent passersby into mutants for his circus. Freaked is about as kitchen-sink as it gets, but it's endlessly quote-worthy, bursting with cartoonish sight gags and claiming an ensemble that includes Mr. T as the bearded lady, Bobcat Goldthwait as a talking sock and Reeves himself as the man-dog hybrid in charge. Freaked may lack mass appeal, but it's also among the last true big-studio cult films to live up to that rep without pandering to it.

Michael W (gb) wrote: One of my fav's of all time!

Jess L (br) wrote: Winner of the first best picture Oscar, this love triangle set against the first world war is simply stunning. The aerial scenes are quite amazing for 1927 and it wasn't long before I was completely sucked into this story.