Reine & Mimmi i fjällen!

Reine & Mimmi i fjällen!

Mimmi starts to get enough, Reine just work all the time and watching TV. At last Reine has to choose, either they go to vacation together or Mimmi goes alone and if she does she can't promise that she will come back. Reine chooses the first alternative and books a vacation trip up to the mountains, many of their friends also booked the same vacation place.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Swedish,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:vacation,  

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Reine & Mimmi i fjällen! torrent reviews

Heather M (gb) wrote: I tried to watch this and it made no sense. Pass.

Simon D (kr) wrote: Good film, you can see that Gus Van Sant has a knack of taking a short story and making it into a full length feature by putting montages together and long awkward scenes where very little happens. It's not too bad though, I mean it's not Bela Tarr levels. A decent little indie flick.

Zinini N (gb) wrote: i love darryl stephens, so its a must watch for me...

Neville P (fr) wrote: After Beethoven's death his secretary tries to find the true love of his life

Mario J (fr) wrote: Very old movie as young Val Kilmer sides with Indian reservation to fight corrupt thugs! Great music soundtrack & cinematography, reminds me of big sky country.

Brent D (it) wrote: Charles Bronson plays a Denver journalist who helps solve the massacre of a Mormon family.Decent movie, though the title is misleading, as Bronson never actually killed anybody. Bronson shows his age in the fight scenes, which were pretty slow.

Andrew G (kr) wrote: Star Wars with Vikings. Plays a little slower than it is, but features an abundance of knife throwing. Increibly epic, even a little confusing at times. The main kid looks like Shia Laboeuf and another guy looks like Horatio Sans.

CancerMouth E (jp) wrote: Demented-even by today?s standards. I just watched an old, Italian horror movie from 1980 called ?Macarbe? and I got to say that it was far better than I expected. In fact, most of today?s horror movies can?t even compare to it. This movie has child murder (rarely seen in today?s politically correct society) and this may be one of the earliest movies depicting necrophilia. There weren?t any special effects ? it actually came down to a good script and good directing. If you haven?t seen it already (I feel shame for not having seen this earlier), check it out

Alexander E (mx) wrote: This movie is another one of those films that is completely different. A bike messenger sending an envelope to a destination with cops on him constantly. Tell me that's every other action film. This movie is awesome.

John T (de) wrote: I ditto this reviewReviewer BRAD WHEELER"This smart, zippy, bloody frightster is a Canadian-made gift that will continue to give, in the best possible ho-ho-ho horror way."A personal note this is not a horror comedy. It a straight horror montage of Christmas Eve nightmares.

Rohan G (jp) wrote: Later day Bronson film. Seedy stuff though.