Relative Fear

Relative Fear

Just why are people surrounding Adam Pratman dropping down dead? Is this five year old really a murderous sociopath?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   boy,  

Just why are people surrounding Adam Pratman dropping down dead? Is this five year old really a murderous sociopath? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy B (fr) wrote: Clever, quirky and funny, great writing and acting by Coogan

Laurelle W (br) wrote: This was cute. :D Loved the parody song at the end. SOO cute. :D

Ana M (fr) wrote: Viggo y Oscar Isaac juntos... algo as como todo lo que est bien en la actuacin.

Rylan P (de) wrote: Wtf??? What is this crap? This could of been amazing.. Stick to the book and would have been awesome not completely change it.. so disappointed.

Simon T (it) wrote: Hilarious and very dark, the story of a Jewish lecturer trying to make sense of a life where nothing seems to go right and passivity is punished. Beautifully photographed by Roger Deakins, marvellously acted by a cast of unknowns, it's as if David Lynch had directed a Woody Allen script.

Veronica B (ag) wrote: Japanese high school for delinquents. The kids are constantly fighting each other to get the title of the toughest in Suzuran high without interference of teachers. Kids have a J-Rock punk look to them straight out of the manga. Genji is a newcomer that wants to prove himself to his father and slowly works his way to the top.

Cecily B (ag) wrote: I just have no interest

J K (mx) wrote: I sometimes wonder if Gabrielle Union is really like this in person. She really likes playing jerks, though LL Cool Jay has a reputation for being one, too. He also has the rep of being a lousy actor. He suffers from what I call Tom Cruise Syndrome, which is the inability to not portray a role in their own real-life persona. Will Smith used to be like that but eventually evolved into a better actor and Oscar-worthy performer. But LL Cool Dude will never do that. Stick with the rap LL. Overall, a bleh movie. Eva's a bitch. So's life. The end.

Richard D (jp) wrote: No dialogue required for this film. This film features the worlds greatest grandmother and she goes to rescue her grandson from the mafia. Along the way she meets up with her childhood idols, the Triplets teaming up. While it's cool to see the creative visuals, there is not much going on. Some slice of life, some commentary on the treatment of Athletes and American obesity but nothing that profound. It's still worth a watch. Finding Nemo did the same story but done better.

rosina c (ag) wrote: It was ok. the ending was very non-descript and confusing. I wish the letter had gotten to more people. overall it was not the best.

Terri T (ag) wrote: boring, slow, waste of time

Lindsey L (fr) wrote: THE GREATEST MOVIE !!!!!!!

Austin G (ca) wrote: Want my advice? Check out the Recobbled cut. The version that creator Richard Williams WANTED to release.

Matthew R (jp) wrote: Combining my favorite concepts of dystopian civilizations, much on the same wave lengths as Orwell's '1984' and Huxley's 'Brave New World', and Film Noir, "Alphaville" is set in a technocratic dictatorship in which emotions are considered obsolete and public exhibition of them is against the law. The concept of the individual self is explored throughout the film with great razor-sharp wit and accuracy by New Wave master, Jean-Luc Godard. The dangers of technologic advancement and abuse are in constant play, and no one else could have played the lead like Eddie Constantine, and we are treated to brilliant performances by the whole cast. A futuristic film that was shot on the streets of Paris makes this film far closer to home than expected.

Aaron M (au) wrote: This is a movie I saw quite often on tv as a kid/teenager and what I could recall was pretty patchy. Watching is again made the whole movie make so much more sense, and boy did it make me laugh. Its humour is quite often very subtle and very tongue in cheek. It has many laugh out loud moments, its off the chain and oddly bizarre but it works, in fact it works very well. A novelty plot is quite the fun watch despite the feeling of 'what am i watching' hanging around like a bad smell. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall obviously play massive parts in this movies success and its a joyful watch. Its probably more funny then most of the comedies I watched in the last year.

Yanti A (nl) wrote: I personally enjoy this movie, it's compelling. Like any other drama family movies, because this kind of movie is my favorite the most, family with all kinds of troubles of its members. And The Savages gives us three lonely Savages family members: the little sister who pursues her way to produce her playwright and has relationship with a cheating husband, the big brother with his own denial in his love life and manages to write his next journal about plays, and the father who once happened to be an abusive father for those two and now has degenerated memory. And as much as those two hate what his father did, they don't seem to be able to abandon him, and we'd see the three of them engaging in a slow charming way into each other's life, and try to understand what went wrong, what happens to them now, understand themselves better.I find the youngest Savage (Linney) is a funny character, with her innocent quotes and expression. The brother Savage (Hoffman) is a calm and clear thinking person, he sees better and tells the truth that everyone doesn't seem to see thru or have the courage to say it, except for his love life's matter.You'll find those two Savages find each way to understand and support each other, while they're understanding themselves.

Cynthia M (kr) wrote: Spike Lee is brilliant- happy to see John Cusack as priest - also Samuel L Jackson & Jennifer Hudson - amazing! Great political literary film