Remember Me, My Love

Remember Me, My Love

The story of a normal Italian family in which come out the dreams of those who have lost their possibilities and of those who want to realize them. Carlo and Giulia are a married couple who have each given up their aspirations in order to live an average life. Their 19-year-old son, Paolo, is having trouble finding an identity, while their 18-year-old daughter, Valentina, has already figured out how to use sex to her advantage. The family goes through a crisis when Carlo begins having an affair, Giulia attempt to seduce the director of a local stage production she is in, and Valentina does what she does best to land an audition for a TV show

In the dysfunctional Italian middle-class family Ristuccia, the middle-aged executive Carlo has a stalled life without passion, bored in his work and having a monotonous life with his wife ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis B (ca) wrote: This movie is as cold as ever. Great fight scenes and a story line I actually care about watching.

Farron K (kr) wrote: Ok follow-up to Wall Street, but unneeded. Michael Douglas just doesn't have the material to work with here, aside from some bits toward the end, and Shia LaBeouf lacks the suave magnetism Charlie Sheen had in the original. Gekko being made into a human figure who decries the excesses of capitalism rings hollow, and the end of the movie (before the credits scene) is probably the most forced good ending I've ever seen (he betrayed them for god's sake). Josh Brolin does a fair job as the new Gekko stereotypical businessman, but lacks anything unique. The one good thing I will say about this movie though is that the Sheen cameo was totally unexpected, as he wasn't on the playbill or anything. It was nice to see Bud Fox return for a bit. Overall, stick to the original and check out the Sheen cameo on Youtube.

Jukka K (us) wrote: When Steven is too old to fight there's not much left.

Miguel S (nl) wrote: Healthy flick with great family values. I'm not a golf fan but I have to say this film is inspiring in the treatment of GOLF.An absolute must for any golfer out there.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: A superb little movie that I've long enjoyed. Whale Rider is set in a deprived Maori community where the village elder is struggling to maintain traditional custom with modern life. He and his wife are left to raise their granddaughter after her mother and twin die at birth and her grief stricken father leaves to seek his fortune elsewhere. The girl, Pai, brilliantly bought to the screen by Keisha Castle-Hughes, wants to make her grandfather proud but he feels constrained by tradition which dictates that the mantle of village leader can only be passed on to a male heir. The performance by Castle-Hughes is assured and touching. This is exemplified by a tear-jerking scene in which Pai recites a speech she has prepared for her absent grandfather to a room of villagers at a school concert. Whale Rider is a marvellously observed, small tale in which director/writer Niki Caro manages to tackle big issues without bashing you over the head with them. This is a genuinely good "family" movie which is does not sugar coat issues but manages to deliver a satisfying and upbeat ending and makes a refreshing change from slushy, bigger budget coming of age movies.

Justin T (de) wrote: Fantastic And heartbreaking movie, Alejandro Inarritu's (Director of Birdman) breakthrough film covers the lives of 3 people involved in a car accident in his native Mexico. The story weaves effortlessly the lives of the characters making them feel human and real. This film could also be seen as anthology of sorts porting the relationships between man and dogs in their stories. The cinematography is gritty and real and the soundtrack provides the right moods and setting to these lives. Standout performer would be Emilio Echevarra as the hobo/hitman character with an appreciation for the Hollies. As with all of Inarittu's work, This comes Highly Recommended from myself

Andy C (de) wrote: Good turn by Dwight Yoakam as a guy with anger problems, he did it well. Almost. . .TOO WELL?! No. The movie falls apart briefly in the last 15 or so minutes with the musical montage of Thornton sharpening his blade, mm hm, reckon he's fixin' to do some killin'. By this point we understand that Karl is a basically good guy, messed in the head a little but not a monster, we didn't need the epilogue with the freak in the hospital, that was a step too far in the depressing department.

Maggie F (us) wrote: Addicted to old fashion movies.

Michelle V (ru) wrote: Great movie, a lot of heart and great actors a must see!

Brian K (it) wrote: Make Way for Tomorrow is arguably the saddest movie ever made. It's gentle, subdued and somber as much as it is sublime.

Michael T (de) wrote: Duvivier's foreign legion tale is a bit over-the-top but still contains many of the director's trademark flourishes.

Private U (es) wrote: FRESH! Ryan Eggold is totes hot and Toni Collette is pretty amazing. What an actress!

Chris S (br) wrote: This movie was funny and cool but the down part is they barley showed the girls i hope in the next one they will show them more overall this movie is funny

Guru S (us) wrote: very slow and boring.