The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.

Rememory is a 2017 American drama film directed by Mark Palansky and written by Mark Palansky and Michael Vukadinovich. It tells the story of the widow of a wise professor stumbling upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ernest L (gb) wrote: "If there is one contemporary anime film that is the equivalent of a summer blockbuster, it would have to be 'Karas'"Karas: The Prophecy is the first of two installments of this Tatsunoko Productions movie series (Gatchaman, Speed Racer), honoring their 40th anniversary. The Karas movies were created and directed by Keiichi Sato, who also contributed to several other anime works including Big O and Wolf's Rain. Overseas licensing was given to Manga Entertainment for distributing and voice-over dubbing. The English audio track features the vocal talents of Jay Hernandez (Hostel, World Trade Center), Matthew Lillard (Scream) and Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly).Karas: The Prophecy went on to be one of the top-selling anime DVDs in the US last year.PRODUCTION and ANIMATIONSpectacular is the word for Karas's animation. The quality is up there with Hollywood grade animations, with its smooth movement and beautifully crafted character designs. But most notable was the 2-D/3-D fusion. Karas is one of the first anime productions in which I have seen two-dimensional animation really blend nicely with 3-D CGI graphics. Initially, the original announcement trailer (available on DVD) featured some sample blends that were typical compared to other anime and simply looked terrible in comparison to the final product. The magnificent detailing really add a lot to Karas final animation. The visuals alone make this film worth watching.The rendering of the 2-D artwork also appears to be top-notch quality as well. The rendering and tone of the 2-D animation seemed very un-anime like and is almost reminiscent of the last theatrical American 2-D animated films we saw (such as Dreamworks Sinbad & Road to El Dorado or Disney's Treasure Planet). It is still anime but with a Western touch to it.SOUND and MUSICHere is yet another area where Karas really shines. Again, very theatrical. All the sound effect were crisp, clear, and realistic. Volume of voices was all balanced well to create depth and a lifelike dialogue experience.One of Karas's biggest benefactors is its musical score performed by the international-renowned Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The music is professionally played and executed with emotion and dynamic qualities. Simply a thrill to listen to. However, there is one downside: there is a pretty limited track list most likely to the budget being spent on the Prague Orchestra performing what song tracks they have and/or animation. But once you've gotten used to the epic orchestral tunes, it's not a problem. Bottom line: Limited music selection but at least it's performed extremely well.The DVD includes two versions of audio: regular 2.0 stereo and a special Dolby Surround EX 6.1 mix which just adds to the intensity of this series. (hopefully next)STORYHere in the story department is where Karas takes a hit. So far through the first movie its story line just isn't anything really good: just average. Aside from that, the storyline is almost completely implied, if not too implied. There are so many major subtle aspects of the story the viewer probably won't pick up on all of them. After viewing the film for a second time, there were many moments where I thought, "Oh I see..." as I noticed small details that added to the story.Characters are a unique bunch but individually nothing incredibly special as of yet. We have the stoic, "man of few words" hero, his equally emotionless and mysterious partner/master Yurine, a ditzy reporter girl, a slick pistol-wielding anti-hero, a young confused investigator and his troubled strong-headed elderly partner. By far it is this elderly character, Mr. Sagisaka who has any story depth to him and an actual background. Oh and of course we have our villains who are all your typical villains. And we still hack yet to see the master villain, Ekou, in any action besides the movie intro...Although is minimal character development and low story progression, I anticipate, from the ending of Prophecy, that the next installment Revelation will indeed be one and hopefully provide at least a satisfactory finish.The Karas series is has very strong production values and a great studio working behind it. The visuals and orchestral music score is enough to make this one of the must-see anime of this decade.Karas: The Prophecy, for now, slips in a FOUR out of FIVE.+ = Scintillating, fluid animation, practically seamless 2D/3D hybrid technique, high-quality musical score performed by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, on English dub - solid cast featuring professional American actors.- = Extremely subtle story, static characters, limited song track, annoying cliffhanger.

Mark L (ca) wrote: One of my favorite comedies of all time. Jack Nicholson shines, as always, but Warren Beatty steals the show. His delivery and comic timing are among the best I`ve ever seen on film.

Meagan M (au) wrote: Corny and just shitty.

Paul M (de) wrote: Greepy movie. A group of teens go into a haunted hotel. It was pretty good for an indie film.

Drake H (gb) wrote: Not as good as Kurt and Courtney. But still good

Nathan M (us) wrote: Or Immigrants Have All the Fun...So, I didn't know what to expect from this film. At first, I thought it was a thriller about a mysterious murder, than I thought it was an insightful drama about the perilous lives of undocumented immigrants, and then I thought it was just a romantic drama. In the end, it was probably all of those things, but the second was the most intriguing and rewarding. Director Stephen Frears once again manages to put the characters at the forefront of this tense, and often uncomfortable drama. Instead of just allowing his stylish imagery to set the tone or hoping the screenwriter can punish the characters enough for the audience to care, Frears allows enough soft, small character moments to help you fall in love with the characters as people. Frears has the benefit of fantastic performers in Ejiofor and Tautou to lead his film. Both are incredibly interesting and sympathetic, and you want to root for both of them. These characters feel like real human beings with wants and desires that make total sense. So when Frears begins his condemnation of how immigrants are treated in society, it doesn't just feel like sensational, or mere topical, storytelling. It feels like the natural continuation of these characters stories. It's a great film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, not always in tension, but in genuine concern for these characters.

Ahmer B (kr) wrote: Although groundbreaking, Pakistani culture is not accurately depicted as sexuality, race and class. But cool. Theatre on big screen. Standard!

Michael T (de) wrote: Tom Conti gives the performance of his lifetime in this intelligently written comedy-drama.

Belen B (br) wrote: OMG I so forgot about this movie....It is so funny!

Zoe S (gb) wrote: Beginners takes cinematic risks through a simple yet beautiful semi-true story with wit and charm.

Grant S (ag) wrote: Based on the trailer and general plot.

Emmanuel S (fr) wrote: 'Elf' either gets you in the Christmas spirit or you're a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Daniel A (au) wrote: in my honest opinion, this had NOTHING to do with Jack the Ripper.

Varun S (ca) wrote: A super movie for Jakie fans

Ae S (kr) wrote: A pretty good approximation of the young artist and zealot.