A beautiful, wealthy socialite is implicated in a violent murder by her aimless younger lover, and her life is forever changed as she tries to protect herself and him from the impending investigation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rencor 2005 full movies, Rencor torrents movie

A beautiful, wealthy socialite is implicated in a violent murder by her aimless younger lover, and her life is forever changed as she tries to protect herself and him from the impending investigation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan D (br) wrote: While Marvel makes better live action movies than DC it is the animated realm where DC constantly knocks it out of the park. This is a fun, well written film that is followed up in "Batman vs Robin".

Eric H (mx) wrote: There's a grim tale well-told in 'You Will be My Son': that of an egotistical wine-maker whose love of his craft exceeds that for his son, and to such an extent that he feels under no obligation to hide it. The film pivots around these two points, indulging a sense of love for the craft of traditional wine-making, but portraying the father's behaviour in an utterly unsympathetic light. But the son is a bit too craven to be interesting: he has a mysteriously beautiful wife, and his refusal to leave, and preference to stay around and be bullied instead, is a bit mystifying; ultimately the film perhaps shares with its characters a sense that patrimony is at heart the proper way of the world. The ambiguous ending, however, is well-judged.

Ioana B (es) wrote: Every time I watch a REC sequel I miss it's predecessor, and that's not a good thing.

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: At least it tried to be scary, but NO, it failed

Aaron P (ag) wrote: Any movie that has the Ninth Symphony as a central part in its plot has to be good. I liked all the spiritual insights that the screenplay had Beethoven say.

Glorimar S (fr) wrote: Good romantic movie... She was in denial but at the end couldn't resist her love for Annabelle!!! So cute! <3

Scott C (gb) wrote: Good, but forgettable.

Ariana M (br) wrote: Wow, only 7%?! Sheesh, I liked this dark comedy infinitely more than I liked Mean Girls! To me, this was a lot more engaging than Mean Girls, because it dealt with not just the usual high school cattiness, but actual murder. I re-watched it recently and was also somewhat impressed by a few random but trippy sequences that seemingly came out of nowhere but added to the kooky atmosphere of the movie. Sure, the resolution was a little clunky, but overall, it's a fun, campy adventure, and it brings me back to a simpler time every time I watch it.

KS G (fr) wrote: Is the woman insane, or just pretending to be? At the end it didn't matter, but all the same it's still disgusting to see the people around her and the "system" trying to exploit what remains of her sad story just simply because she happened to cross their paths.

Sirey Z (ru) wrote: The movie was great, pretty funny.

Marc L (kr) wrote: Quand j'tais gosse, c'tait la plus belle jaquette VHS de tout le vido-club. Je l'ai vu vers vu nouveau la semaine dernire, 27 annes d'cart. H bien, cette production Fantasy mconnue, parfois plombe par sa lenteur et ses tics narratifs inhrents aux annes 80, reste tonnement russie en dpit du passage des annes. Vieux de plus de 30 ans et mme pas considr comme une superproduction l'poque, "Le dragon du lac de feu"' prsente une bestiole visuellement plus convaincante que certains CGI tout moches de sries B d'aujourd'hui. Y a pas tortiller, c'tait quand mme cool les Animatronics. Surtout, bien qu'il soit considr comme une production Disney, la philosophie sous-jacente de la chose se montre moins tartignolle que le commun des productions Fantasy de ces annes l : le hros est fat et incomptent, la princesse se fait boulotter comme unique rcompense pour son honntet et les pouvoirs temporels et spirituels chrtiens se partageront, dans un bel lan d'opportunisme cynique, les dividendes de la destruction de la crature, vaincue par la magie paenne. Aaaah, cette poque l, on n'avait pas peur de dire les choses comme elles sont, ma bonne dame !

Blake P (kr) wrote: "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" is an excellent Italian language film. But it's not just a regular film-- it's an anthology based one. Those kinds of movies hardly ever work, but unlike most, this one seems to pull it off almost perfectly. The movie has three vignettes, all of which star Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni (one of the best screen couple's of all time), and each have to do with different relationships in Italy. The first, "Adelina of Naples" takes place in poor Naples in 1953, in which married couple Adelina (Loren) and Carmine (Mastroianni) are struggling-- Carmine is jobless, and Adelina sells black market cigarettes for a job. In order to avoid jail time, she keeps pumping out babies-- to the extreme. The second, the weakest of the bunch, "Anna of Milan" is about the extremely wealthy wife/socialite Anna's (Loren) relationship with her lover Renzo (Mastroianni). Renzo is forced to reevaluate their relationship when in a car wreck, she's more worried about the car than him or the kid she almost hit. The last, the funniest, and my personal favorite, "Mara of Rome". Mara (Loren) is a high-class prostitute working in her apartment, and is now working with neurotic (and rich) client Augusto (Mastroianni). When a priest falls for Mara, Mara and his nutty grandma ensue in a battle of wills, which kills Augusto-- he wants sex. "Iegi, Oggi, Domani" is a stylish, well-written, and wonderfully acted sex comedy that should be better recognized as one of the famous trios best movies. De Sica's directing is superb, and this has got to be in the top five best performances of both the voluptuous Loren and the mega talented Mastroianni. 4.5 stars. Highly recommended.

Wes S (de) wrote: Very slow and boring. There's not much to this 'Zombie Revolt' and the characters are uninteresting. It has some decent sets but overall it's a miss.

Sunshine B (ca) wrote: Not so great, but frickin hilarious because Sly has a pet monkey...and well, its really lame, except for Tom Waits playing the drunken piano player. So I guess that makes it awesome.