Two rival corporations are developing replication technology which would enable the cloning of human tissue. The technology falls into a criminal group. Ludo Ludovic and Kathy Moskow with the help of a cop try to stop the criminals.

Two companies are competing to develop equipment that can replicate any kind of material, including human tissue. However, one of the companies has more plans for this machine, and more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryad D (ru) wrote: I just love it !!! excellent movie

max m (us) wrote: This movie was a pretty standard action movie most of the way through. I was considering giving it a 3 or maybe even 4 star, because of its creative and original action sequences. But I ultimately decided that the movie butchered its heist element. The majority of the movie is preparation for a big heist. And the way they prepare was very cool and inventive. However I was looking forward to their master plan finally unfolding. But instead all I get is a 10 minute gratuitous sequence of Rio being destroyed by a safe. Ultimately the ending of this movie was its downfall

Marae B (jp) wrote: a nice little film for the girls, a curl up on the sofa,type with a few funny moments in it.

Rashad D (au) wrote: I mostley watch naruto shippuden.

william m (ag) wrote: A solid bank robbery movie with a well selected cast. However, it left so many unresolved questions by the end, and unanswered motivations I would have preferred to see explained. And for being a perfectly planned heist plan, they failed to realize that a single police dog would have blown the entire plot.

Wayne U (es) wrote: Beautifully filmed with lovely music! A must see!!

Armando P (mx) wrote: Fincher's talent crafted a thriller above the standards

HACKSAW (es) wrote: This was a great sequel inmy eyes. I love watching it with my wife who is a Larry McMurtchery fan. I like watching it when I am away overseas away from my family and home. It always makes me feel good.

Brian P (au) wrote: Extremely boring. Do not bother watching, absolute waste of time.

Steven S (br) wrote: An excellent giant monster film.

bob w (jp) wrote: a much more cerebral movie than most WWII bio's. Cagney is Halsey as Fox was Charles. the focus is on the man and his circumstances with the combat as almost subliminal to the film. Robert Montgomery did a yeoman's job of work in directing this fine film.

WaiMing L (es) wrote: Really good film - enjoyed it.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Like many, if not all of Terry Gilliam's films, it's delightfully weird. There's plenty of fun characters and great sets/special effect to make for one near unforgettable adventure.