Reportaje a la muerte

Reportaje a la muerte


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Reportaje a la muerte 1993 full movies, Reportaje a la muerte torrents movie

"Una periodista y un camarógrafo deben de cubrir un motín de presos comunes en una cárcel limeña. Sin embargo, se dan cuenta tarde de que, al transmitir en vivo los actos violentos de los presos están dandole demasiado protagonismo a estos. Cuando deciden cortar la transmisión en vivo, ya es muy tarde, ahora los presos se sienten mismo actores de película de acción y piensan llegar hasta las últimas consecuencias. Todos los hechos están inspirados en el Montín del penal El Sexto, ocurrido en Lima en 1984." ( . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Reportaje a la muerte torrent reviews

Karl G (au) wrote: So bad I turned it off after 3 minutes!

Eric T (nl) wrote: Generic in a lot of ways and very watchable. its killer has more of an "original" origin in terms of killing people, and the fat guy putting on the mask for the wrestling death match was pretty cool. But in the end, it is still another standard horror flick.

Nikki J (kr) wrote: It's documentaries like this that make us more conscious of the world and how we affect it. This is something everyone should see!

James W (au) wrote: Show me love isn't normal. Show me love has many interesting aspects to it. Unlike Blue is the warmest color, this movie has zero nudity in it. Even though this movie has no nudity in it, It still felt just as interested and heartfelt as Blue is the Warmest Color . And even more to add, it almost has no sexual tension. Show me love has a short and simple story to it, which somewhat infuriates me. This movie could have very well had a 3 hour premise to it, but instead it is a measly 2 hours and 9 minutes (129m). The character development almost goes nowhere because of how short it is. Show Me Love didn't give much explanation as to why Agnes was a lesbian, she just was. And the only explanation to why Elin wanted to be a lesbian was because guys are gross. This movie could have been as good as Blue is the Warmest color and possibly better, but lack of story detail falls this movie a tiny bit short.

Robin M (de) wrote: the truth will be save you

Cody B (mx) wrote: So great and amazing.

Richard L (fr) wrote: A well-made yet at times too theatrical and stereotypical tale of neverending everyday psychological pain (as if there weren't enough in the modern world, somebody felt compelled to write one into an overly artistic movie) and of the lead character's nakedness.

Mad M (br) wrote: Not bad, bit of a chick flick. Light and easy story. Interesting story. Good characters and performances.