Reporter is the documentary film about Nicholas Kristof. The film tracks him on a harrowing reporting trip through the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Journalist Nicholas Kristof travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate the growing humanitarian crisis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Reporter torrent reviews

Kevin W (kr) wrote: Good intentions from the same director as TREELESS MOUNTAIN, but BORING, BORING, BORING. What a let down. First South Korean flick I have seen I didn't like.

Casey P (gb) wrote: if u like wes, u will like it for sure

Esther L (nl) wrote: didn't remember the details of this movie but I was touched by the music and that's why I bought the soundtrack. It's not a popular movie in HK.

Deb S (mx) wrote: A light hearted thriller with a very young Jeff Goldblum, an insomniac who's headed nowhere with his job as an aerospace engineer. He comes home early from work to find his wife in bed with another man. Confused, he drives "into the night," to find himself and instead finds bizarre adventure and intrigue with a hot babe-in-distress Michelle Pfeifer, a jewel smuggler who's on the run from some international thugs (played by an assortment of celebrities such as director Roger Vadim, rock star David Bowie and comedian Dan Aykroyd). Okay, so this is nothing great but it was cute to see that so many directors making brief appearances in the film as well ((one of them is actually "The Fly" remake director David Cronenberg and this film's director John Landis).

Alan W (nl) wrote: Awesome! A true story which really makes you think. Movies that make you think are always great movies! Drama, comedy and more. Awesome. 5 stars from me!

Anthony M (it) wrote: Une production Columbia en demi-teinte avec un Bela Lugosi sur le declin... Une histoire de vampire tout ce qu'il y a de plus classique, en pleine Seconde Guerre Mondiale... Un film qui regroupe tous les cliches et les poncifs du genre... A noter que l'ensemble baigne dans une photo plutt soigne...Un film interessant mais loin d'etre indispensable.

Jayakrishnan R (it) wrote: 84%Lucky Number Slevin is over stylized, which is a reason for liking as well as ignoring this film. The acting involved is good from Willis, Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Ben Kingsly and Morgan Freeman. This film is out of place for most of the time and it eventually makes some sense only in the end. Other than this, the film is just ok-ok and disposable after use!!! This film's duration is also something that I did not like much, it should have easily been made a 30 minutes short.

Dan N (ca) wrote: Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker - 2 of the most annoying characters to every grace the big screen.