Resan till dej

Resan till dej

The marriage of the newlyweds Gun and Emil is strained when Gun sings in a radio show and makes a breakthrough.

The marriage of the newlyweds Gun and Emil is strained when Gun sings in a radio show and makes a breakthrough. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron C (ru) wrote: horrendous mess of a movie,the story flows so badly that the next film i watched felt like a masterpeice in terms of being able to successfully link itself scene by scene,and for a poker movie it has no poker wtf?

Karla T (kr) wrote: I hate war films but I gave this a chance because of Cha Seung Won and Choi Seung Hyun and I dont regret it. I like that althought there is action and a lot of blood it is more focused on the human side, on the students and their strugles of being just kids that cant be kids, they have to mature quickly and force themselves to face their fears and get involve in a war. Great actings from all of the cast specially Seung Hyun.

Alma T (nl) wrote: My new mission in life is to make sure every one sees this movie. Two things the universe showed me this year Carl Rowe's face when he realized he was wrong and I was wrong about the mcD's coffee lawsuit. I now know who I haveto thank for my nice tight lid and not too hot coffee from McDonalds THANK YOU STELLA in heaven. you made the world a better place.

Rendan L (us) wrote: Particle Fever achieves the lofty goal of making physics interesting. But it's still physics. Grade: B+

Craig W (gb) wrote: This was hard to rate, I watched it simply because it stars and is directed by Thomas Jane. The camera work is cool I think, very comical and cheesy but it worked well, I enjoyed the entire graphic novel/film noir element that Jane himself was going for and I thought that too worked very well. The use of strange jazz music in the background irritated me to a degree though.I liked the plot and The Twilight Zone vibe we were supposed to get, the start when they are a seriously happy, newlywed couple was great and then we quickly see that these two people know nothing about each other at all and clearly the marriage is a sham, she's on the run from a crappy old life and he's just a lonely guy looking for love. As soon as the guy referred to as Bloodyface enters the fray it kinda gets...silly. For starters he is bizarrely nice to Gina and horrible and rude to Dick and you can't help but think why would a guy who is seriously injured be that way to the two people who could save his life? His injuries alone would render him unconscious all the time or even dead so that too was a bit silly. From here on out we just get weirder, the performances go out the window along with a relatively cool albeit slightly mundane story and we are suddenly thrown into a weird, supernatural film. I'd rather not say my thoughts on the ending through fear of spoiling it for anyone but I think I grasp the ending to my best capability, although apparently not many people do understand it and some think there's no real ending at all. And sadly the identity of Bloodyface was a little too easy to figure out. It's just weird but with something more solid to work with Jane could be a damn fine director.

Sven J (jp) wrote: good movie for people who wanna think about it

Alfredo S (ca) wrote: Tangled makes the Rapunzel tale interesting and gives it a genuine smart story with amazing animation and great characters.

Kimberly C (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. It had that teen drama that many kids have now- going to a new school and getting bullied or just getting bullied at the same old school. I never had this experience before but I can feel how Clifford felt.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Blue Sunshine LSD used at Stanford causes hair loss and murderous tendencies years later for those who used it. Interesting movie which may cause you to think twice before dropping acid the next time (but probably not).

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (60%)An offbeat ecological space movie staring the great Bruce Dern on fine form playing a somewhat deranged character which is truly something you don't see that often in family friendly movies such as this; although his actions are at least understandable given the circumstances. This, despite it being not being a widely known about film, does have a quality feel to it. The model spaceship effects featured hasn't dated about half as mush as computer based effects less than half as old. While robots Huey, Dewey, and Louie are very cute, despite the fact that it would take them about two years to get from one end of the ship to the other with those little legs. If you can put up with the 70's folk music soundtrack, a slowish place, and a very unsubtle message, then this is something worth tracking down, and it's a refreshing change to something such as Star wars.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: I don't like saying "I don't like" a film that is classic and old. I remembered the songs of this musical from my childhood but the story escaped me until revisiting it. Upon doing so I again love the songs and humor of watching these decadent rich and misguided French citizens of a century ago. Chevalier is charming and irresistible no matter his occupation or beliefs, which in this case is not so good. My main problem with the film is that Jourdan doesn't have the commanding presence or give the winning performance he needs to in order to make me really care about him. He's different from the rest and resents the lavish lifestyle he's expected to lead, which is good, but his love for Gigi is so so for me. Gigi, I don't really relate to, and why should I. I didn't really get her predicament until someone told me and even then, I feel the movie failed in delivering a strong story of escape from such a lifestyle. Without a doubt, this movie did a lot of things right for me but I kept asking myself why do I care about these people, they're rich and careless and the emotion is forced. I think I can appreciate what this movie is doing and how these characters change in their roles and their desires. For a love story, it's meh, for a story of class and culture, it is flawless but lifeless in many ways. Just a rare example of an old movie that didn't hit me home. I want Gigi to have a better life, I want these French people to start caring about what's important, but I also want a better movie.

Matthew N (kr) wrote: I would really only recommend this for those for those who have not seen the Flying Circus Series and only know Python from Grail, Brian or Meaning of Life. This is a best of from the first two series of the show so this is not really for a veteran Python fan

Callum R (jp) wrote: Dull, poorly scripted and decidedly un-erotic thriller steered by an autopilot Sharon Stone.