Reservoir Cats

Reservoir Cats

A remake of 'Reservoir Dogs' by Quentin Tarantino, with the noticeable difference that all the male characters have been replaced with female ones.

A remake of 'Reservoir Dogs' by Quentin Tarantino, with the noticeable difference that all the male characters have been replaced with female ones. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patricia F (ag) wrote: Comea "no sei onde" e vai pra "lugar nenhum". Eu hein.

Mary Helen D (kr) wrote: Not bad in a good way. Just bad, with a few good things peering out amid all the badness: a nice traditional soundtrack, Anna Friel's radiant performance, a few good observations and jokes about Irish and African-American identity. This could have been a decent message movie with some editing and a better actor in the lead - what a waste!

Christopher H (mx) wrote: these reviews are an absolute disgrace and this is much better than most of the garbage pumped out by hollywood in the last 20 years if anyone on here had any idea what makes a good film theyd start reviewing better ive seen so many negative reviews about amazing films that this will officially be the last time i ever look at this site or listen to a critic go watch your avengers or batman that destroys more braincells instead of watching something clever assholes

Lauren F (jp) wrote: A great adventure film that kept me hooked until the end! Nicole Paggi was excellent & it was nice to see her play Ted McGinley's daughter again like she did on Hope & Faith.

Matt M (gb) wrote: The two plots don't gel, and despite a good performance by Griffith and an amusing eccentric style, it seems quite shallow and disconnected.

Conner R (es) wrote: I must be in the minority, but I think this is a really dull movie chalk full of wasted talent. The poor and uninspired direction really ruin the movie, no time is spent on the glorious landscapes, sets and costumes. That would be acceptable if the story was taken as the focus, but even that lacks intrigue. In the end, it's a very jumbled movie. Toshiro Mifune is really the only part that I would say is above average, he always manages to be an interesting screen presence.

Cort J (ca) wrote: Not the greatest Surges film nor the best Dick Powell film..but damn good. Despite the title not a holiday film. I am surprised that his co-star Ellen Drew never became a bigger star. One to track down and watch on TCM

Christopher P (ca) wrote: The film blends four narratives to create one story about the human need for love and affection and the search to find that love - even in the darkest places.

Lucas A (fr) wrote: Woody Allen overflows genius in "Broadway Danny Rose". An incredibly wise comedy, while at the same time philosophical and romantic, the story of the developing agent Danny Rose, who does everything and is dedicated to the maximum to their artists. Footless dancers, one-armed jugglers, ventriloquists stutterers, among others, Danny always tries to do everything, but he is confident in its most precious asset, singer Lou Canova, drunk and moody. Danny tries to do everything to achieve convincing lover Lou, Tina, to go to their show of nostalgia. The story may seem weak, but the film is really exciting, captivating and strong. Woody Allen offers the most both in script and in direction, acting brilliantly alongside Mia Farrow, Nick Forte to Appolo. "Broadway Danny Rose" is a show that never ends. Fantastic!

Patrick N (ag) wrote: Director's cut is much better than the theatrical release.

Gregory N (ru) wrote: Amidst all of the radio serial inspired dialogue and projection, it's somewhat remarkable how engrossing the plot thickens, and how intoxicating Scott manages to become. Fairly, the film's blackest mark is the poor media transfer - at points the picture is so dark that it delivers a whole new namesake to the genre.